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This little boy is VERY upset about people wrecking the plan

Henry Mar is a six-year-old environmentalist. He’s loved the planet his whole life, even dressing up as a park ranger for Halloween last year. But ...
31-05-2016 21:43

Understanding ovulation

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31-05-2016 21:43

Poulet Provençale ŕ la Moutarde Recipe from Jean-Christophe

Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli Chef Jean-Chrisophe Novelli is passionate about nurturing healthy cooking in the family home ? here he shares a recipe fr ...
31-05-2016 21:45

Take this gear on the trail for easier family camping

by Kelly Wilbanks posted in Products & Prizes Packing, packing, packing -- that\'s what our Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday felt like last week. We u ...
31-05-2016 21:42

?Fried? Chicken Fingers

Preparation time: 20 minutes Total time: 45 minutes Makes: 4 servings Ingredients 5 cups cornflake cereal 1 tsp Italian seasoning 1/2 cup flour 2 ...
31-05-2016 21:43

How to pick a middle name for your baby

Photo: iStock After the birth announcement, middle names don?t get a lot of airtime. While they play second fiddle, they still present a great opportu ...
31-05-2016 21:43

Funny Baby Fails Compilation 2016 Edition - Children's Day S

Best funny baby fails Children\'s day edition. In this baby video compilation you can watch adorable babies have "problems" and funny baby fails. To ...
31-05-2016 21:43

Delicious, easy muffins using baby food purees" Yes, pl

by Sabrina Garibian posted in Life & Home Do you think of baby food as just baby food" Think again. I\'m a cook and love to prepare meals for my whol ...
31-05-2016 21:42

5 dos and don’ts for introducing solids to baby

Photo: @kristinbarboza via Instagram When my daughter was seven months old, I decided it was time to bring on the meat. I bought a chicken breast, poa ...
31-05-2016 21:43

Planning for a baby ? pregnancy planning tips

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31-05-2016 21:43

Jena Malone welcomes a son - find out his very unique name!

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Celebrities It\'s a boy for actress Jena Malone and her boyfriend Ethan DeLorenzo! The Hunger Games star shared her ha ...
31-05-2016 21:42

25 things to talk about before getting pregnant

Photo: iStock Before my son was born, I researched childbirth constantly. I meditated every morning, did yoga three times a week, asked an osteopath t ...
31-05-2016 21:43

Top Tips for Healthy Cooking from Chef Jean-Christophe Novel

Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli?s passion for healthy cooking feeds into his family life. Here he shares top tips for the table Healthy eating to Michell ...
31-05-2016 21:45

Ronnie Wood, 68, goes classic for newborn twins' name p

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities A double dose of congratulatory wishes are in order today for Ronnie Wood and wife Sally Humphreys, as word br ...
31-05-2016 21:42

18 awesome shark products

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = " var ajaxUrl = " ...
31-05-2016 21:43

How we named our baby

Photo: iStock ?We let Twitter name our baby!? With boys? names, I was at a loss. We went through all the books and magazines and nothing jumped out at ...
31-05-2016 21:43

Is Disney finally going to feature a lesbian couple"

Photo: Disney-Pixar via YouTube T-minus 18 days until Finding Dory hits theatres! In anticipation of the film, Disney-Pixar released a new trailer tha ...
30-05-2016 21:47

7 coloring books for weird parents raising weird kids

by Joyce Slaton posted in Products & Prizes Coloring is in style for adults or something, but it\'s forever been cool for parent/kid combos, who can ...
30-05-2016 21:46

#ThisIsMyLife: Breastfeeding?the struggle is real

Leah Rumack is the deputy editor of Today?s Parent. A version of this article originally appeared in the June 2016 issue of Today?s Parent, p. ...
30-05-2016 21:47


Filed under: Family, Health/Fitness, My Brain Tagged: brain surgery, brain tumor, Brain Tumour, brain tumour foundation, meningioma ...
30-05-2016 21:23

Celebrity baby showers

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = " var ajaxUrl = " ...
30-05-2016 21:47

All the adorable celebrity babies born in 2016

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = " var ajaxUrl = " ...
30-05-2016 21:47

Teach kids to sew with this adorable horse pillow

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home My 10-year old is in a major horse phase right now. Lots of girls go through this...I think I did slightly, but ...
30-05-2016 21:46

Meet the angriest baby ever!

Don’t you ever look at a baby and wonder what’s going on in their mind" Like, why is he staring at the fan for so long" Or in one baby’s case, w ...
30-05-2016 21:47

How to choose sunglasses for kids

Photo: iStock Thanks to widespread awareness about the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) rays, most parents are vigilant about protecting kids? skin with su ...
30-05-2016 21:47

12 awesome things to do in the GTA this summer

Photo: Bakht Sajid 1. Richmond Hill Live Steamers Calling all train fans! As part of Doors Open Ontario, Richmond Hill Live Steamers, a club of model- ...
30-05-2016 21:47

Ryan Gosling details his daughter's odd playground batt

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Celebrities Sharing, shoving, throwing sand, walking up the slide instead of going down it. These are the typical play ...
30-05-2016 21:46

Has Lego become too violent"

Photo via Researchers from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand have released a study proving what any sentient parent living in the r ...
30-05-2016 21:47

Snooki finds spanking to be completely "terrifying"

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Though many parents cite their own history of being spanked as a child as a reason Snooki has sworn never to d ...
29-05-2016 21:43

Is Quebec doing parental leave the best"

Photo: iStockphoto This story was originally published on One of the great strengths of Canadian federalism is the scope it allows for pr ...
28-05-2016 21:45

Do you let your kids play with unvaccinated friends"

Photo: Miki Sato “Yes” Kat Armstrong, mom of three My three guys?who are five, nearly three and 10 months?are all up to date on their vaccinations ...
28-05-2016 21:45

What tests you need before you conceive

Photo: iStock For something so simple?a sperm meets an egg and, nine months later, a baby is born?there can be an awful lot of tests and procedures, e ...
28-05-2016 21:45

11 things to do before having a baby

Illustration: Nica Patricio Trust us, parenting is a helluva job but guaranteed to be the most rewarding work you?ll ever do. That said, it can be tim ...
28-05-2016 21:45

Top 5 Summer Apps for Children

Our round-up of fun apps to get your children exploring in the great outdoors this summer 1. HD Compass Perf ...
27-05-2016 21:49

Everything you need to know about ovulation

Illustration: Nica Patricio What exactly is ovulation" Each month, one of your ovaries will release a mature egg, which will then travel down one of y ...
27-05-2016 21:47

10 awesome things to do in Edmonton this summer

1. Northern Alberta International Children?s Festival of the Arts This epic, annual kids? arts and culture festival takes place over several sites on ...
27-05-2016 21:47

Kids in the kitchen: Frozen chocolate bananas

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home School\'s out and that mean my kids have time to make big messes get creative in the kitchen. Sometimes the r ...
27-05-2016 21:46

How to chart your basal body temperature

Illustration: Nica Patricio If you?re trying to conceive, ovulation is one of the most important things you?ll need to pay attention to. For most wome ...
27-05-2016 21:47

Pregnancy by the numbers

Illustration: Nica Patricio A baby girl in utero has about 7.5  pounds and is 20 inches long. One in six couples struggles with infertility. The clini ...
27-05-2016 21:47

How to get your body ready for pregnancy

Illustration: Nica Patricio For every woman who gets pregnant after a night of one too many drinks, there?s another who meticulously plans out every d ...
27-05-2016 21:47

14 Frozen birthday party ideas

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = " var ajaxUrl = " ...
27-05-2016 21:47

The UK’s Top Employers for School Leavers

The UK?s top employers for school leavers were revealed last night, when the results of a nationwide survey were announced at an awards ceremony in Lo ...
27-05-2016 21:49

What your cervical mucus reveals about your fertility

Photo: iStock Getting pregnant can be a complicated process, but it begins with something relatively simple: ovulation. Each month, a woman?s ovary re ...
27-05-2016 21:47

Recall: Tommee Tippee Sippee Spill-Proof Cups

  Photo: HealthyCanadians.gc Mayborn USA Inc. has recalled five types of spill-proof Tommee Tippee Sippee cups with a removable, one-piece white valv ...
27-05-2016 21:47

National Water Safety Month

Every month brings with it a theme. February is Black History Month. March is National Women?s History Month. May?s theme is a bit different than the ...
27-05-2016 21:26

Black and white: Baby gear for moms who like subtle colors

by Sabrina Garibian posted in Products & Prizes There\'s something so chic about black and white, isn\'t there" This year I\'ve noticed a trend movin ...
27-05-2016 21:46

An age-by-age guide to kids’ phobias

Photo: iStockphoto Dawson Penney?s second birthday party started out in typical festive fashion, with cake, games and treats. Nothing seemed out of th ...
27-05-2016 21:47

How I knew I was pregnant

Photo: iStock Suddenly craving spinach" Is the smell of coconut making you nauseous" Sometimes you just know you?re pregnant days before the positive ...
27-05-2016 21:47
26-05-2016 21:47

Trying to get pregnant is exhausting: A guy?s perspective

Photo: iStock My semen was required at the clinic at 7:35 a.m. I had an appointment. I gave my wife, Lisa, a kiss on the cheek and disappeared into ou ...
26-05-2016 21:47

Trying to get pregnant: Myths vs. facts

Photo: iStock ?My mum had me at 39, so I have plenty of time.? MYTH ?The most dangerous myth is that women think they have until 40,? says Paul Clama ...
26-05-2016 21:47

Product Love: EverydayHappy Fabric + Pet Freshener

I\'ve posted about my love for EverydayHappy products before but today I want to share their new Fabric + Pet Freshener. The gentle, non-toxic formu ...
26-05-2016 21:47

What is the best sex position for getting pregnant"

Photo: iStock Is missionary position better than doggy style" Do you need to stand on your head afterwards" Rest assured, there is no need to revert t ...
26-05-2016 21:47

7 hacks for summer beach fun (giveaway!)

by Sabrina Garibian posted in Products & Prizes The sun is shining and I\'m ready to hit the beach. Is it summer yet" Heading to the beach with a bab ...
26-05-2016 21:47

What’s On This Half Term

We’re already halfway through the final school term – let the countdown to the summer holidays begin! Meanwhile, keep your little ones entertained ...
26-05-2016 21:51
26-05-2016 21:47

When your kid catches you having sex

Photo: iStockphoto A shiver still goes up my spine when I think of the night, 31 years ago, that I heard my parents doing it. I was nine. I never saw ...
26-05-2016 21:47

The struggle is real: How to make toast for a toddler

Bunmi Laditan a.k.a. The Honest Toddler has done it again, making us laugh as we struggle to appease our teeny toddlers, who, let’s be honest, can b ...
26-05-2016 21:47

Weight Watchers® for Healthy Snacks When You Run Out of Idea

Healthy snacks for the entire family do not need to be laborious, but by the end of the school year, I feel I am depleted of ideas and creativity.  My ...
25-05-2016 21:25

13 smooth food recipes for picky eaters

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = " var ajaxUrl = " ...
25-05-2016 15:37

Try these delicious banana nutella milkshakes this summer

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home We\'re milkshake maniacs around here. We do plenty of healthy smoothies for snacks and breakfast, but let\'s fac ...
25-05-2016 21:45

Grandma G.B.'s amazing frozen lemon dessert

by Kami Bigler posted in Life & Home I don\'t think there is anything better than a lemon dessert. This recipe is a family favorite. It comes from my ...
25-05-2016 21:45

Reader Offer: What on Earth" Books

What on Earth" Wallbooks specialise in telling big stories for children, along giant timelines. The latest book is The Wallbook Timeline of the Histor ...
25-05-2016 21:49

Kids in the kitchen: Rice pudding

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home If you ask me, rice pudding is a weird thing to make in the summer. But in the two days we\'ve been officiall ...
25-05-2016 15:37

Study: Cry-it-out sleep training will not harm your baby

Photo: iStock New parents are faced with an impossible dilemma: respond to your baby?s cries throughout the night and endure the torture of prolonged ...
25-05-2016 21:46

"I pushed a baby out of my body, I don?t care what I lo

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Celebrities A word of warning to those who have an opinion on ...
25-05-2016 21:45

How to Apply to Uni in the USA

Yasmin Sachee?s academic goals and extra-curricular activities shaped her plans for uni in the USA Yasmin Chee Name: Yasmin Sachee Age: 19 School: St ...
25-05-2016 15:40

Courtney Stodden is suffering through prenatal depression

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities There\'s a soft spot in my heart today for Courtney Stodden, who is struggling through her first pregnancy. Th ...
25-05-2016 21:45

National Bedwetting Awareness Day: What you can do

As a new report reveals that 46% of parents admit their child is still wetting the bed at night since starting reception class, we look at how you ca ...
24-05-2016 21:52

Leaving School: Who is the Best Company to Work For" has revealed the finalists in its fourth annual ranking of the UK?s best company for school and college leavers The shortl ...
24-05-2016 21:52

Seinfeld calls fatherhood "the greatest pain in the a--

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Celebrities It wasn?t long ago when Jerry Seinfeld confessed that his kids? bedtime routines were ridiculous. Now the c ...
24-05-2016 21:48

Drop everything and watch the new Beauty and the Beast trail

OMG, guys. It’s here?a sneak peek of the new live-action Beauty and the Beast which lands in theatres March 17, 2017. It’s a short minute-and-a-h ...
24-05-2016 21:49

Top Children’s Books for the Great Outdoors

Our round-up of top children’s books to get your little ones out in the great outdoors this summer Pattern ...
24-05-2016 21:52

Life Lately {5/24/16}

It\'s been almost two weeks since my last post. My life has been all over the place. I have been all over the place. Life has not slowed down, in fact ...
24-05-2016 21:22

Stephen Colbert discusses the presidential election with lit

Who better to discuss politics with than kids" They’re still innocent and could totally teach us a thing or two about America’s potential preside ...
24-05-2016 21:49

15 beautiful muslin wraps to burrito your baby in

by Joyce Slaton posted in Products & Prizes I don\'t have to sell you on the merits of muslin wraps, right" Popularized stateside after Aden + Anais ...
24-05-2016 21:48

Cute Babies And Puppies are Best Friends Compilation 2016 [N

This adorable babies love playing with puppies and dogs. In return, dogs are also happy to communicate with babies. To make compilations we use Video ...
24-05-2016 21:49

Product Love: Parasol Co - diapers + wipes

If you follow my blog, you know that my number one priority is to always keep my children happy, safe and comfortable. I was recently introduced to Pa ...
24-05-2016 21:48

Kid garden craft: Beaded gazing balls

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home I love watching kids in the garden. They get messy and dig around and pull things up and investigate worms and j ...
24-05-2016 21:48

Watch: Behind the Scenes ? Sports Day at Lambrook School, Be

As sports day fever is upon us, we go behind the scenes at Lambrook School, in Berkshire It’s the summer term, so it’s time for school sports day! ...
23-05-2016 21:55

The life-changing power of camp

The life-changing power of camp appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
23-05-2016 21:52

Idina Menzel weighs in on Give Elsa a Girlfriend campaign

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Frozen became Disney\'s first lesbian princess. The idea was brought up by Feminist Culture founder Alexis Isa ...
23-05-2016 21:51

Reader Offer: 2-4-1 at Foodies Festival 2016

Foodies Festival is back, with a host of festivals across the UK this summer ? and we?re offering you 2-4-1 tickets Now in its 11th year, Foodies Fest ...
23-05-2016 21:55

Sugar Tax: What’s the Deal"

Stacking up: current sugar consumption levels are far exceeding recommendations Rhiane Kirkby investigates the implications of the government’s new ...
23-05-2016 21:55

French study is paying pregnant women to stop smoking

by Joey Lombardi posted in Mom Stories Smoking is becoming a universal social taboo. Even in France, where I admit to envisioning stereotypical sophi ...
22-05-2016 21:45

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tikka Masala Roast Chicken

Serve Gwyneth’s chicken with her Indian cream spinach and roasted cauliflower with curry and lime The actress, foodie and mother shares recipes from ...
22-05-2016 21:49

The ultimate guide to superfast weeknight dinner recipes

by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Life & Home By Stacie Billis, Managing Editor of Cool Mom Eats Let?s be honest: Cooking for a family is entire ...
21-05-2016 21:43

What it's really like when your child has eczema

by Joanna Venditti posted in Products & Prizes By the time we had our twins, I already knew that about a week or so after babies are born, their skin ...
20-05-2016 21:48

How to outsmart your kids online

Photo: Amber Mac and Michael Bazzell Parents?it?s time to admit that your older kids may be slowly out-smarting you when it comes to technology. And w ...
20-05-2016 21:49

The Childhood Diary that went Viral on Twitter

Do you remember keeping a diary about crushes you had and all your ?childhood woes?" I had a diary when I was in my early teens and even had a name fo ...
20-05-2016 21:44

4 ridiculously-easy nail art designs

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = " var ajaxUrl = " ...
20-05-2016 21:49

Kids on the grill: BBQ chicken and veggie packets

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home My two older kids learned how to make "campfire packs" in their respective Brownie/Cub Scout troops. I rememb ...
20-05-2016 21:48

Why you should sing to your kids even if your voice sucks

Illustration: Rachel Idzerda I?m a terrible singer. But that doesn?t mean I never do it. When I?m driving, for example, I sing along at the top of my ...
20-05-2016 21:49

How to deal with two kids under two

Photo: @Hanthomas via Instagram When Genevieve Kenny went on mat leave with her second baby, she assumed it would be a lot like her first mat leave: l ...
20-05-2016 21:49

25 unique celebrity baby names

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = " var ajaxUrl = " ...
20-05-2016 21:49

12 Star Wars birthday party ideas

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = " var ajaxUrl = " ...
20-05-2016 21:49

5 kiddie things I always buy at the dollar store

by Sabrina Garibian posted in Products & Prizes The first time we traveled by plane with kids my son was 9-months-old. I was nervous and packed a mil ...
20-05-2016 21:48

How to deal with hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Photo: Stocksy United For most women in their third trimester, seeing blood in the toilet bowl would trigger panic. For Callie Brenshaw,* it was more ...
20-05-2016 21:49

A Sicilian Education

The Thinking Traveller describes its educational family villa holidays in Sicily and shares an exclusive reader offer When looking for a holiday, qual ...
20-05-2016 21:52

How to talk to your kids about alcohol

Photo: Getty Images Have you had The Talk with your school-ager yet" No, not the sex talk?the alcohol talk. You may have thought this particular heart ...
20-05-2016 21:49

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News most viewed Today

Mom posts epic PSA after being shamed for breastfeeding at Victoria's Secret

Mom posts epic PSA after being shamed for bre...

by Michelle Stein posted in Parenting Typically, my blood begins to boil when I read about yet another breastfeeding mom who has been harassed for feeding her baby in a public space. However, a recent incident almost makes me laugh -- because,... -
Woman gives birth at Target with help from fellow shopper/delivery nurse

Woman gives birth at Target with help from fe...

by Michelle Stein posted in Pregnancy If there\'s one thing moms can agree on in this polarized world we live in, it\'s that a shopping trip to Target is never straightforward. You might pop in with the intention of buying toilet paper. But,... -
8 tips for safe swimming

8 tips for safe swimming

With the summer holidays just around the corner, it’s important to make sure your little ones are safe in and around the pool, says Laura Molloy 1. Use bath time to introduce your little one to water, encourage play and build their confidence... -
Can I just tell you why 5 is my new favorite age"

Can I just tell you why 5 is my new favorite ...

by Deidra Romero posted in Parenting Listen close bleary-eyed parents of wild pre-schoolers. I\'ve got some amazing news that is going to give you life. Everyone tells you about the terrible twos, the madness of threenagers, and difficult... -
Integrating E-Learning Games In E-Learning

Integrating E-Learning Games In E-Learning

     Integrating E-Learning Games In E-Learning:  With the emergence of new eLearning technologies, there are many ways to make eLearning more effective, engaging, and powerful for the learners. For example, eLearning games are gaining... -
How School Libraries are Adapting to the Digital Age

How School Libraries are Adapting to the Digi...

While books remain at the heart of modern-day school libraries, they are far from the only medium from which children learn, says Giulia Rhodes With squashy sofas, high speed Wi-Fi, coffee machines, mood lighting and walls of help-yourself books,... -
6 stages of panic when your kids find their Christmas presents

6 stages of panic when your kids find their C...

by Charlie Brooks posted in Parenting It finally happened: My kids found their Christmas presents. It was a complete accident ? they were looking for something else and forgot that there is one room in our house they aren?t supposed to go into... -
Get crafty and make these goofy witch pumpkins

Get crafty and make these goofy witch pumpkin...

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home So you already know about my obsession with googly eyes. (Note to self: Begin brainstorming googly-eyed turkey crafts. And Christmas ideas. And Valentine\'s Day cards...oh, the possibilities!) Which means... -
How and when should you give kids pocket money"

How and when should you give kids pocket mone...

It’s all about the money… Pocket money can be a great way of teaching your kids the value of cash. Morag Turner investigates However much pocket money you give your children, handing over cash is always a risk. Somehow those coins seem to... -
Family Sainte Foy Ski Holidays with Premiere Neige

Family Sainte Foy Ski Holidays with Premiere ...

If you’re thinking of gathering your friends and family for winter skiing holiday, and are looking for some inspiration, look no further than Premiere Neige, the family ski holiday specialists in Sainte Foy. Whether you?re looking for somewhere... -

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