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I'm not getting my kids any Christmas presents this year: Here's why

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I'm not getting my kids any Christmas presents this year: Here's why I'm not getting my kids any Christmas presents this year: Here's why

I'm not getting my kids any Christmas presents this year: Here's why

by Michelle Stein posted in Parenting

It's barely September, but I'm bringing up the forbidden "C" word anyway: Christmas.
Ack! Before you throw things at me and curse my name for even thinking about December 25 this early, hear me out. (Also, please realize we have the Christmas tree up at our house by Halloween most years.) What I'm about to propose might take some budgeting and planning, anyhow, so it makes sense to bring it up now. Here it goes: This holiday season, I've already decided to skip buying presents for my three children.

Yes, you read that correctly. My three kids -- ages 6, 3, and 1 -- won't be waking up on Christmas morning to a big ol' pile of presents under the tree. Instead, we're opting to ask Santa to go on a family trip. It's nothing too extravagant: A couple of days at an indoor water park/hotel. But this getaway will be an opportunity for us to make memories together. (You know, beyond the 2 seconds it takes to tear wrapping paper.)
Truthfully, I've had a blast shopping for the perfect presents for each of my children; I think my anticipation for Christmas morning may have even beat theirs. In the spirit of giving, though, I may have gone a little overboard. (The look of excitement on their faces when they saw the heap of gifts was almost worth it.) After unwrapping everything, they played happily with their loot for the rest of the day. Wanna know what happened after that" They gave zero effs about the toys.
Ultimately, a barrage of Christmas gifts only adds to the clutter of our home each year. Our Baby Alive sits naked in a toy box, forgotten. That Hot Wheels looping track is shoved under my son's bed with pieces missing. These material things bring temporary joy, yes. Then they simply take up space. This year, I want to be smarter with our money and the "happiness" it can buy.
So at the end of December this year, we'll don bathing suits so we can hit up some water slides, frolic in splash pads, wade in the pool, and just relax. We'll spend our time together making memories instead of wrestling with plastic packaging, a million twist-ties, and batteries. (Okay, I might cave with the stockings. And who can resist Black Friday deals on kid clothing")
This Christmas will be different. My hope is it it will be the start of a holiday tradition -- and maybe even help shape a lifelong outlook on the value of material things versus experiences.

So no, my kids won't be getting a pile of Christmas presents this year. But I hope they'll take away so much more as a result. And for that, I'm not sorry in the least.

What do you think of our plan" How does your family approach gift-giving during the holidays"

Share your thoughts!

Images by Michelle Stein

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I'm not getting my kids any Christmas presents this year: Here's why I'm not getting my kids any Christmas presents this year: Here's why


Fuente de la noticia: babycenter
Fecha de publicación: 06-09-2017 21:51
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