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You can't spoil a baby, don't hold him too much: Welcome to motherhood

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You can't spoil a baby, don't hold him too much: Welcome to motherhood You can't spoil a baby, don't hold him too much: Welcome to motherhood

You can't spoil a baby, don't hold him too much: Welcome to motherhood

by Jamie Reed posted in Pregnancy

The first time I noticed how inconsistent parenting advice was, came when I overheard two older women at church discussing a new mother's choice of outfit for her baby.
"Poor thing, someone needs to tell her that baby needs a heavier jacket."
Not ten minutes later a different woman approached the mother and mentioned how the baby was probably burning up in his outfit.
"Babies create a lot of natural heat, you don't want them to get too warm!"
Huh" Same baby, same day, same outfit. Two very different opinions.
How in the world are moms supposed to figure out what to do when there's so much conflicting parenting advice out there"! Don't do too much, don't do too little. We support new moms, but don't inconvenience us. Considering people love giving unsolicited advice, particularly to pregnant women, I can't even begin to try to sort through the mixed messages I receive.

1. Whatever you do, don't be a helicopter parent. Those kids always end up in therapy. Kids these days have no supervision! They have no guidelines and are all going to end up in therapy.
2. If you don't breastfeed the baby won't emotionally attach to you and will have years of developmental issues. Isn't that child a little too old to be nursing"
3. This workplace is pro-baby and pro-nursing! We love moms! There's a nursing room in the old men's restroom in the basement of the office building. You can use it in six-minute increments and there's also no lock on the door.
4. You can't spoil a baby. Rock them for hours. Hold them until they fall asleep. But don't hold them too much. They have to learn to self-soothe.
5. Don't try to sleep train until they're at least 6 months old. If you wait too long to sleep train they'll never learn.
6. Why isn't that baby wearing a hat" It's too cold out! Why is that baby wearing a hat" He's going to overheat!
7. Un-medicated births are best for baby and empowering for you. There's a reason God created the epidural. You'll be more relaxed and that's better for your baby.
8. Swaddle the baby tightly. Good grief, let the baby have some breathing room!
9. Never wake a sleeping baby. Unless you're waking them to feed/change/sleep train. Then don't let a baby nap too much during the day.
10. Your baby is happiest on a strict schedule. You've got to relax, make the baby fit into your lifestyle.
11. Make sure you get in lots of photos with your kids. Do you see how many photos she posts of herself with the kids" She really needs to get over herself!
12. Moms today are ridiculous with trying to feed their kids organic foods. Our moms gave us diet soda in our bottles and we turned out just fine! Did she just give that child something with red dye in it"
Yeah, no confusion there!

What other mixed messages have you heard"

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You can't spoil a baby, don't hold him too much: Welcome to motherhood You can't spoil a baby, don't hold him too much: Welcome to motherhood


Fuente de la noticia: babycenter
Fecha de publicación: 13-09-2017 21:55
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