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C-section recovery: What to expect in the days after a Cesarean delivery

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C-section recovery: What to expect in the days after a Cesarean delivery C-section recovery: What to expect in the days after a Cesarean delivery

C-section recovery: What to expect in the days after a Cesarean delivery

For Vanessa Tantalo, a Brampton, Ont.-based interior designer, the days and weeks after giving birth to her son via an unplanned Cesarean section were?not fun. In addition to feeling disappointed that she wasn?t able to have a traditional delivery, Tantalo was in a lot of discomfort and felt isolated. ?Since you?re only allowed to lift the baby or the carrier?but not both?I wasn?t able to go out by myself for six weeks,? she says.
Aly Tyghter, a nutrition expert in Brampton, Ont., had a similarly negative experience when she delivered her daughter via unplanned C-section in 2013. ?My recovery was awful,? she says. ?I didn’t have any complications, but I just wasn’t fully prepared for how difficult it would be to function with a scar across my pelvis.? Tyghter also found breastfeeding difficult because she couldn?t twist to get the baby out of her bassinet, or lift her easily. ?Even walking was hard.?
After a steady decline from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, there?s been a rise in the rate of C-sections in Canada, from 19 percent of all births in 1997 to 27.5 percent in 2014 and if you live in some provinces, the rate is even higher: as of 2014, 30 percent of births in PEI are C-sections, as are almost 34 percent in BC. 
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   C-section procedure: What to expect with a Cesarean delivery
Both Tantalo and Tyghter say their experiences would have been better if they?d known what to expect. If you?re planning on delivering via C-section (and even if you?re not), here?s what you need to know to make your recovery easier.
Preparation is key for C-section recovery

Nathalie Pambrun, a midwife in Winnipeg, recommends preparing a ?comfortable nest? for when you come home from the hospital. It could include diapering supplies, snacks, water, a breastfeeding pillow?and a phone within easy reach. If you live in a two-storey house, keep essentials on both floors to minimize stair climbing and line up friends and family who can help out with household tasks like laundry, cleaning and dishes.
When you?re packing your hospital bag (here’s what to put in your suitcase if you’re having a C-section), consider adding cranberry juice to reduce the risk of a catheter-induced UTI, as well as chewing gum or molasses, which Pambrun says can help restore bowel function faster.
You may also want to stock up on some high-waisted underwear. ?Doctors make the scar low enough that an underwear line hides it, but what they don’t tell you is that it is exactly at your underwear line if you’re not wearing granny panties!? says Tyghter. ?I had to go out and buy underwear that came up to my belly button instead of my bikini line because having anything rub up against the scar was dreadful.?
What to expect after ...
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C-section recovery: What to expect in the days after a Cesarean delivery C-section recovery: What to expect in the days after a Cesarean delivery


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