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The 10 most dangerous baby products

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The 10 most dangerous baby products The 10 most dangerous baby products

The 10 most dangerous baby products

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Photo: iStockphoto

10 potentially dangerous baby products
There?s a picture of me at around age one, propped up in a green baby walker with a big grin on my face. ?You loved it!? my mother is fond of saying, followed by the story of how I used this particularly treacherous product to fall down a (small) flight of stairs. Apparently I wasn?t the only one?there were enough injuries from these walkers that by the time I had my own baby, 30-odd years later, they were banned in Canada. But this required a huge campaign over many years. ?It?s really difficult to make a product unavailable to consumers,? says Claude Cyr, a paediatrician in Sherbrooke, Que., who works on the Canadian Paediatric Society?s Injury Prevention Committee. Cyr explains that a ban can only be implemented when the product in question is dangerous when used as directed, not just under some circumstances.

Plus, banning is usually the last step in a comprehensive strategy, after educating the public about the product and introducing new guidelines for manufacturers to follow, says Cyr.

As a result, there are plenty of baby products sold in Canada that still pose hazards for your little one, especially if you?re not using them correctly. ?A couple of years ago, a medical student did a project with me where he went around to stores selling baby stuff in Calgary and the displays were a million miles from what we recommended,? says Ian Mitchell, a paediatrician at the Alberta Children?s Hospital and a professor of paediatrics at the University of Calgary.

Here are 10 products currently on store shelves with the highest potential to be dangerous, depending on how you use them.


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The 10 most dangerous baby products The 10 most dangerous baby products


Fuente de la noticia: todays parent
Fecha de publicación: 05-10-2016 21:53
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