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Workout Woes: The Dangers of Extreme Exercise

Mons News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: health4mom - View all news from this site
Workout Woes: The Dangers of Extreme Exercise Workout Woes: The Dangers of Extreme Exercise

Workout Woes: The Dangers of Extreme Exercise

Exercise is good for your heart and self-confidence but too much of a good thing could actually be unhealthy.
Extreme exercise programs are all the rage?heavy weightlifting, intense cardio workouts, aggressive cycling. They?re fun to watch and participate in, but do you know the hidden dangers of working out at such high intensity"
Healthy habit or obsessive behavior"
Exercise becomes unhealthy if your habits become excessive or obsessive?and yes, you risk developing an exercise addiction.
Extreme exercise classes attract people who may encourage each other to lift more, run faster and cycle harder. Friendly competition is typically a good thing, but this can become a problem when you push yourself beyond your body?s signals to stop.
Keep exercise in balance with the rest of your life?it shouldn?t replace family time, intimate relationships, and work or leisure activities. If you find yourself repeatedly turning down opportunities to hang out with family and friends to exercise instead, you may be crossing the line from healthy to obsessive.
Rest time is non-negotiable
Don?t ignore cues from your body to slow down or stop. Exercising despite pain and fatigue increases your risk for injuries. Allow your muscles to recover from the physical demands of an intense workout. Refusing your body?s need for rest can actually decrease your overall physical performance and have long-term consequences and risks for injury.
Where?d ya go, Flo"
Excessive exercising can throw your periods out of whack, especially if you?re not eating well. Below normal levels of body fat affects your hormone production and can cause consecutive missed periods, which is called amenorrhea. This could lead to temporary (and possibly permanent) issues with fertility. If you miss 3 or more periods in a row, ask your nurse or midwife about the cause and how to proceed.
Effects on bone health
Estrogen is crucial for healthy bones, and excessive exercising can decrease estrogen production, putting your bones at risk for losing density and getting weak. This increases your risks of serious fractures, and decreases your endurance and overall strength. If you?re older, bone density loss may be permanent and you may be at risk for osteoporosis.
Keep your kidneys in check
Perhaps the most serious risk of excessive exercise is exertional rhabdomyolysis which occurs when muscle tissue breaks down and releases fiber into your blood. Your kidneys can suffer damage as they try to filter the fibers out. Symptoms can mimic normal muscle aches, however, the pain from rhabdomyolysis intensifies with time and you can also feel week, stiff, have tender muscles and dark or cola-colored urine. This is a serious condition that requires urgent medical treatment to prevent kidney failure.
Prevent rhabdomyolysis by gradually increasing physical activity, especially if you?re new to intense exercise. Hydrate with plenty of fluids and avoid activities that overwork a particular muscle group.
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Workout Woes: The Dangers of Extreme Exercise Workout Woes: The Dangers of Extreme Exercise


Fuente de la noticia: health4mom
Fecha de publicación: 18-08-2017 21:48
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