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Smart Party Planning for Kids Parties

Planning for a birthday party for our kids may become stressful a bit when we have to do everything ourselves. But, in reality, party planning for kid ...
30-09-2015 21:27

Simple Savings for Busy Moms at Sam’s Club

This post was brought to you by Sam’s Club, but my shopping experience, savings and opinions are all my own. As the cost of living increases in many ...
30-09-2015 21:27

Fun DIY Pumpkin Planters For Kids

Sure, you can carve jack-o-laterns or paint faces on pumpkins this fall …. OR you can turn them into something more useful! These fall garden plante ...
28-09-2015 21:36

Ashlee Simpson Reveals More Pics Of Baby Daughter, Jagger Sn

On Thursday, pop singer Ashlee Simpson and hubby Evan Ross posted the first ever photo of their new baby daughter Jagger Snow Ross. The Dad – who is ...
28-09-2015 21:36

Is Your Teenage Daughter Getting Enough Calcium to Maintain

When we think of adding calcium supplements to our daily diet, typically we think of older women in their fifties who may be proned to osteoporosis, b ...
26-09-2015 21:29

Mom Buys Coffee For Women Behind Her In Line After They Insu

Not many people would do what this Michigan mom did after being verbally assaulted by 2 women behind her in line for coffee. Dianne Hoffmeyer of Fort ...
25-09-2015 21:35

Support The “Hunger Is” Initiative to Feed Hungr

“We all have the duty to do good. A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just.” – Pope Francis I am honored for being chosen t ...
24-09-2015 21:29

Bertolli® Pasta Sauces Gives You a Taste of Italy in Your Ki

My kids are all pasta lovers, especially my daughter, and a taste of Italy with Bertolli® pasta sauces give you the secret base you need at the time o ...
23-09-2015 21:28

Postpartum Depression (Or, How I Asked for Help) – Gu

It’s SO important to speak up about postpartum Depression, which is why I am happy to share this guest post by Stephanie from her own blog, #motherg ...
23-09-2015 21:22


Guys, I want you to try something this week. Something to create community and bring light to another parent’s day (hopefully!) This morning I was a ...
23-09-2015 21:22

College Professor Holds Toddler For Student Who Is Single Mo

When a single mother couldn’t get a sitter for her 2 year old son Xzavier, she was forced to bring him to class with her. Amanda Osbon, a student at ...
23-09-2015 21:35

How To Beat Menopausal Insomnia

Changes in hormone levels are can often cause insomnia in women during their menopausal years. A decline in progesterone, which normally has a sleep-i ...
22-09-2015 21:35

The 5 Things Kids Will Actually Remember About Their Parents

As a parent, you’ve probably already figured out, children are extremely impressionable. What you do, say, feel, and think all go a long way to shap ...
22-09-2015 21:35

Hiding out

I spent last week hiding out, filled with self doubt and fear. I tried and tried to sit down at the keyboard and make some sense, but instead I took p ...
22-09-2015 21:22

How to Get Your Kids to Pick Up – Quick Tips

How to get kids to pick up is always a challenging job for parents.  However, it is one that can be achieved with much patience, compassion and love. ...
21-09-2015 21:27

Happy 3rd Birthday

At the end of August my youngest turned three just a couple of weeks after I had surgery. We still managed to celebrate multiple times. When my parent ...
21-09-2015 21:21

Connecting with Your Teenager – One-On-One Time

Parents whose children are between 13 and 18 are often at their wit?s end. The adolescent years are predictably turbulent for both teens and parents, ...
21-09-2015 21:27

Toddler Fall Fashion Trends For 2015

Toddler fashion trends keep changing , but this fall it is all about the details (Like bringing back ruffled socks). Here’s a few of the top toddle ...
21-09-2015 21:34
19-09-2015 21:21

Why Wooden Building Blocks Are One Of The Most Important Toy

We live in a high tech modern age and unfortunately old models of toys have been replaced by Ipods and electronic gadgets full of bells and whistles. ...
18-09-2015 21:34

Erin’s Turbulent Birth Story

The first pangs of contractions came on at around 6:30 on Sunday evening.  I was three days past my due date.  Finally, I thought!  I’m going to mee ...
18-09-2015 21:21

7 Miracle At Home Hair Masks

If you’re feeling the bad hair days blues more often than not, then you may not be taking proper care of your hair. Just like your skin, your hair ...
18-09-2015 21:34

Nothing is Private on Social Media: Confessions of a Retired

When I was having a really hard time during my interim with my blog, I created an alternate presence on social media and was an awful troll. When we c ...
18-09-2015 21:21

Learning Disability: Become an Expert of Who Your Child Is

Often times, first time moms fear that they will not know what to do with their first child.  That fear factor goes away quickly. Nature is so wise th ...
17-09-2015 21:28

7 Foods To Avoid While Pregnant

While pregnant, the list of foods you should not eat can be longer than the list of foods you should. Therefore you should be very careful when choos ...
15-09-2015 21:34

Little Eddie Baby- Nappy Cake giveaway competition

Have you seen a Nappy Cake before (We Americans call them Diaper Cakes!)"  They are adorable right"!  We love them.  They are the hands down, THE best ...
15-09-2015 21:28

Let’s beat the heat with July Summer Promotions!

Let?s Beat the Heat! Summer is great. Let?s admit it..It?s fantastic, but there is that little draw back of wonderful summer weather is that hot sun. ...
15-09-2015 21:28

5 Creative Methods Of Easing Your Baby’s Teething Pain

When my babies were teething it was painful for me just as much as it was for them. No mother likes to see their child suffering and it’s even worse ...
15-09-2015 21:34

3 Things Your Kids Learned This Summer At Camp

It’s easy to think of summer camp as just a place for dodge ball, camp fires, and arts and crafts. Ya know, just an easy solution to summer boredom ...
15-09-2015 21:34

Keep the wheels spinning Mama

You know us Mommies and Daddies sure spend a lot of $$ on stuff for our kids, or stuff to make our job as parents easier. I have to have spent thousan ...
15-09-2015 21:28

Dirty Little Bath Time Toys

Every bath needs a rubber ducky right" Those fun to play with squeeze toys are great fun for little one?s bath time routines. If you are like most par ...
15-09-2015 21:28

DIY Oatmeal Honey Facemask

If you have problematic skin, you may have been told by a friend to try out an oatmeal honey face mask. It sounds cheesy but it can actually make huge ...
15-09-2015 21:34

5 Reasons To Enlist Your Child In Martial Arts

If you find yourself teetering on the edge of what extra curricular activity to enlist your child in, look no further. Martial arts training is the p ...
15-09-2015 21:34

Travelling with Babies and Toddlers

Are you a seasoned traveller with little ones" Are you dreading that trip because you know how difficult your child or children can be" Or are you jus ...
15-09-2015 21:28

Unique Handmade Buttonflies Gift Giveaway!

Little Eddie Baby Co are so excited to be partnering with Buttonflies to bring you yet another wonderful Giveaway competition! We are always striving ...
15-09-2015 21:28

How To Deal With 4 Different Types Of Tantrums

Toddlers love to throw a fit. Tantrums and toddlers just go hand in hand, there’s almost no way around it. But how you, the parent, react to the tan ...
15-09-2015 21:34

Why Sign Language Is The Perfect Second Language To Teach Yo

There are endless benefits to signing with your baby. Here are five reasons parents and children benefit from learning American Sign Language (ASL) to ...
15-09-2015 21:34

Top 10 MUST HAVES every breastfeeding Mum needs

There are so many gadgets, gimmicks and items out there for us Mothers’ to sift through.  Granted I am a sucker for these types of things.  Along th ...
15-09-2015 21:28

Bessie’s Buddies Fundraising fortnight

Sometime’s you meet some really nice people through unfortunate circumstances.  In this case, I’ve met a really amazing Mum, Maria who is undertak ...
15-09-2015 21:28

Peanut Butter Baby Video Goes Viral, Too Cute

When one mom caught her kids in a sticky situation she pulled out her camera to capture the evidence. After briefly being left alone, daughter Emily d ...
15-09-2015 21:34

Couple Makes ‘Drunk History’ Wedding Video Of Ho

One couple just made the best wedding video ever. A spin on the popular television series ‘Drunk History’, Justin Williams and Jill Sipkins enlist ...
15-09-2015 21:34

Journey to Mommy-hood

Being a Mom has shown me that there is so much more to LIVING life than just living. From the minute you experience that PLUS sign on that little stic ...
15-09-2015 21:28

Hottest baby footwear in town!

There?s a new little baby fad sweeping through Los Angeles and is taking the world by storm. We have seen from one continent to another there is no st ...
15-09-2015 21:28

Pajama Party Time

Is it time for a Pajama Party" The weather is starting to warm up. The wild daffodils have bloomed. They say around this area, that when the daffodils ...
15-09-2015 21:28

5 Surprising Things That May Be Causing Your Dark Spots

Aging is no fun. We all think we are immuned to the Grim Reeper until he creeps up on us and starts following us around putting dark spots on our skin ...
15-09-2015 21:34

Life Lately {nine-thirteen-twentyfifteen}

This is what I\'ve been doing with my life so far this month. Which pretty much solidifies the fact that I\'m on Instagram way too much!First Fresno S ...
14-09-2015 21:22

The first week back

It’s been 5 weeks since my craniotomy to remove Timmy the tumour. This past week was also the first week back to school. My oldest started grade 1 w ...
14-09-2015 21:21

This isn't going to get easier, is it" {Raising Daughte

Girls, this is a uterus. It looks happy, but... source pinterest Motherhood is never going to get any easier. This week I received two texts from two ...
11-09-2015 21:22

Magic Hair {Monat Review}

*****This review is a sponsored post. My opinion is given in exchange for product. These opinions are all mine as well as the results.*****It\'s a sa ...
08-09-2015 21:22

One month later

I am happy to be alive and with each day I feel better and stronger. I have been in a celebratory mood and have gone out on a date with my husband to ...
08-09-2015 21:21

Five not on Friday {nine-six-twentyfifteen}

It\'s been way too long since I\'ve buckled down and written anything other than a grocery list. I want to tell you that I feel bad about that, but th ...
06-09-2015 21:22

Happy Guest, Happy Concierge

On  behalf  of  my guest and myself I would like to commend  this company  Baby Otters  on such  super customer service that was given on the first ti ...
02-09-2015 21:27

It?s No Secret that pools don?t disappear when school begins

Pools don?t disappear just because summer is over. Let?s be real here, Florida Summer?s last about 9 months in South Florida. Drownings Are Not Season ...
02-09-2015 21:27

No More Tears

Hi, my son Felix who is 2 just finished his 5 day course with Wendy at our pool… was great, she did a super job giving him (and me) the conf ...
02-09-2015 21:27

Happy New Year

Being a student can be a little demanding on the body and mine wasn’t used to the neck and shoulder strain, so I spent a fair amount of time with a ...
01-09-2015 21:21

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This breastfeeding mom?s boobs are REALLY lopsided?and we?ve totally been there

This breastfeeding mom?s boobs are REALLY lop...

Most breastfeeding moms are familiar with this common side-effect of nursing a baby: boobs that are a little, ahem, unbalanced. Sometimes one breast produces more than the other, or maybe your baby simply prefers Leftie over Rightie (or vice versa),... -
9 things you should always buy at Dollarama

9 things you should always buy at Dollarama

Oh, Dollarama. The store with long aisles, bright lighting and jam-packed (but perfectly organized) shelves may seem overwhelming at first glance, but there are serious bargains to be had. Think of shopping at Dollarama as you would hunting for... -
Playtex Baby Binky Silicone Pacifier

Playtex Baby Binky Silicone Pacifier

Photo: Playtex Satisfy your baby?s natural sucking instinct with the Playtex Baby Binky Silicone Pacifier. Durable and easy to clean, the Binky is designed to help little ones self-soothe, as it replicates a mother?s nipple shape. Playtex Baby... -
How to raise an overactive child

How to raise an overactive child

Photo: iStockphoto When Jennifer Weiss of Airdrie, Alta., put a dish of parsnips on the family dinner table for the first time, eight-year-old Mackenzie went from calmly chatting to a total meltdown. ?He was adamant, arms crossed, tears rolling... -
7 ways to deal with a defiant kid

7 ways to deal with a defiant kid

Photo: Corbis When bedtime arrives for seven-year-old Malachi Ferrier, he questions why he can?t stay up as late as his older siblings, refuses to get ready, claims it?s ?not fair,? and sometimes even resorts to hiding or accusing his parents of... -
Pooparoos are the toys your kids never knew they needed

Pooparoos are the toys your kids never knew t...

by Michelle Stein posted in Products Is it just me, or do kids\' toys keep getting weirder and weirder" Granted, I never really "got" the whole let\'s-see-which-tiny-toys-shaped-like-food-or-animals-or-furniture-with-faces-on-them fad.... -
Checking in {A letter from the editor}

Checking in {A letter from the editor}

It seems like it\'s been weeks since I last sat down to write in this space. Truthfully it hasn\'t been that long, but I never really got a chance to focus on my writing last week. Even with three days off. Mostly because I took a much required... -
22 ways to honor an angel baby

22 ways to honor an angel baby

by Melissa Willets posted in Parenting Almost immediately, somehow, through the disorienting fog of grief after the loss of our baby late in pregnancy, I felt an incredible pull to find the good amid the pain. I desperately needed to channel my... -

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