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24 days and ways to a more relaxed Christmas

Photo: iStock Forget those waxy chocolates?this Advent calendar will make your life easier. December 1 Missed both Black Friday and Cyber Monday" Sign ...
30-11-2016 21:45

How to tell the difference between a teething baby and a sic

Photo: iStockphoto Typically, first teeth appear between six and eight months of age. Bottom front teeth usually come in first, followed by the top fr ...
30-11-2016 21:45

How to turn baby things into baby keepsakes

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30-11-2016 21:45

How to prepare your baby for daycare

Photo: iStockphoto Like many parents, Kara Smith was nervous about sending her infant daughter, Elizabeth, to daycare after her one-year mat leave was ...
30-11-2016 21:45

Can you afford a second baby"

The post Can you afford a second baby" appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
30-11-2016 21:45

Why you should buy your child a pet this Christmas

Georgina Blaskey reveals why animals and children are better together We all know the old adage ? a pet is not just for Christmas, it’s for life ? ...
30-11-2016 21:48

What?s the secret to a happy sex life in a long-term relatio

Photo: iStock What?s the secret to a happy sex life in a long-term relationship" Researchers from the University of Toronto believe they?ve found the ...
30-11-2016 21:45

You’re not a bad parent if you didn’t make a bab

A few years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, there was no acquisition more important to me than the perfect baby book. Growing in girth, ...
30-11-2016 21:45

Try these gooey York peppermint brownies for a delicious tre

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home Chocolate + mint = my absolute favorite flavor combination ever. Like, ever. And somehow, the holidays are the t ...
30-11-2016 21:44

Technology before bed: Is your kid losing sleep"

Because his room was dark and the door was closed, Robin Edwards assumed her then-11-year-old son went to bed before 11 p.m nightly. Then one stormy ...
30-11-2016 21:45

5 ways your kid can talk to Santa this Christmas

Photo: iStockphoto It’s that most wonderful time of the year again, and for families who celebrate Christmas, the kids are probably already counting ...
30-11-2016 21:45

Why toddlers may know when you’re lying to them

Research has shown that little ones as young as two years old could know when we’re not telling the truth It turns out you might want to think twic ...
30-11-2016 21:48

6 Days Old Baby Yawning Funny For The First Time - Baby Lil

To make compilations we use Videos submitted by the Authors (As claimed). If you the author of the video and you did\'n submitted the video to our ch ...
29-11-2016 21:47

You won't believe what Jamie King's boys could do

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Not only do ...
29-11-2016 21:46

Soon you’ll be able to step into a real-life Nintendo

Photo: YouTube Get ready to enter a world where oversized question blocks surround you and gigantic piranha plants can spring to life at any moment?yo ...
29-11-2016 21:47

21 picks for a modern handmade nursery

by Molly Balint posted in Products & Prizes I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Today, one of my best friends showed up to our littl ...
29-11-2016 21:46

8 awesome excuses for not moving your Elf on the Shelf

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.8-awesome-excuses-for-not-moving ...
29-11-2016 21:47

Are parents ‘sharenting’ too much"

Parents love to post about their children on social media but, by doing so, might be compromising the safety (and dignity) of their family According ...
29-11-2016 21:50

Shepherd?s Pie with Cauliflower Mash

Preparation time: 20 minutes Total time: 45 minutes Makes: 6 adult servings Ingredients 1 medium cauliflower, cut into bite-sized pieces, about 9 ...
29-11-2016 21:47

Salt dough ornaments are a fun kids Christmas craft

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home This project has just about every fun activity you can cram into a craft. Rolling and cutting dough. Baking stuf ...
29-11-2016 21:46
29-11-2016 21:47

The best Christmas books

Emma O’Donovan shares her pick of festive reads Age 2-4: Sproutzilla Vs Christmas by Tom Jamieson and Mike Byrne Sproutzilla is mean, gr ...
29-11-2016 21:50

Live frogs and lady pee were an early pregnancy test

by Joyce Slaton posted in Products & Prizes Long before you could buy a pee-on-a-stick pregnancy test for $10 in any drugstore, pregnancy tests took ...
29-11-2016 21:46

Ask Dr. Dina: My toddler?s eczema is getting worse. What sho

Photo: iStock The colder weather seems to make my toddler?s eczema worse. What can do I" As it gets colder and drier outside, eczema certainly flares ...
29-11-2016 21:47

H&M has Christmas party wear covered

You can always rely on H&M to celebrate Christmas with a fanfare of sequins and sparkles at purse-friendly prices. This year, the girl?s party range i ...
29-11-2016 21:50

Capilano Suspension Bridge

I mentioned in my last post that we traveled to Vancouver as a family for a week. My husband had a conference and I though that it would be a great ti ...
29-11-2016 21:23

8 best loaf recipes

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29-11-2016 21:47

9 gift ideas for your favorite little Star Wars fan

by Sabrina Garibian posted in Products & Prizes Even if you\'ve never seen Star Wars I bet you and even your kids know and love Star Wars\' character ...
29-11-2016 21:46

RECALL: Sobeys’ Compliments brand broccoli slaw due to

Photo: Canadian Food Inspection Agency Sobeys Inc. is recalling their Compliments brand broccoli slaw due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamina ...
29-11-2016 21:47

Mindfulness classes for five year olds

An independent boys’ school in Bromley has introduced the classes for its youngest pupils to raise awareness about mental health Bickley Park Schoo ...
29-11-2016 21:50

Pregnant Pink gives thanks with bump dance video

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Celebrities Has the turkey coma worn off yet" Thanksgiving has come and gone, but we can still be thankful for the fun ...
29-11-2016 21:46

What food banks actually need

Photo: iStockphoto If you want to donate goods to a local shelter or food bank this time of year, remember that it’s always best to check with the a ...
29-11-2016 21:47

Do food labels tell the full story"

Why nutritional information on some children’s products could be misleading  Despite many of the foods and drinks we buy for our little ones being ...
29-11-2016 21:50

Second-grader finds lotto ticket, pays it forward in the bes

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories As parents, we hope to instill certain values in our children: Generosity, kindness and honesty, to name a fe ...
26-11-2016 21:43

Vancouver Aquarium

My “Making A Life” philosophy to living includes creating a homemade life but it also embraces making memories. When my husband announced that he ...
25-11-2016 21:24

85 best toys of 2016

The post 85 best toys of 2016 appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
25-11-2016 21:46

Donate Diapers This Giving Tuesday

As a mom, I don?t think much about putting diapers into my online shopping cart; with a baby and a toddler, it?s become a regular habit. And if you?re ...
25-11-2016 21:46

Princess Marie-Chantal on her latest fashion collaboration

The designer talks to Danielle Wilkins about family, her fashion friends and her latest partnership with Marks & Spencer Against the backdrop of the ...
25-11-2016 21:49

Faith's Thankful List 2016

Every year I try to get Faith to come up with a thankful list so that we can remember what Thanksgiving Day is all about. But really, though, Faith is ...
25-11-2016 21:24

24 ornaments kids can make

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ a img { max-wid ...
25-11-2016 21:46

5 clever ways to give medicine to a preschooler

Photo: Stocksy United When Rebecca Sutcliffe realized her usual matter-of-fact, ?Time to take your medicine!? approach wasn?t going to work anymore, s ...
25-11-2016 21:46

What children really want for Christmas

Royal Mail has revealed this year?s top 10 most-wanted Christmas presents, according to what children have written to Santa With just over four weeks ...
25-11-2016 21:49

10 reasons the holidays at Disney rock

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. Photo: Ryan Wendler When I was invited to check out the Festival of Holidays at Disney (i.e., the mostly  ...
25-11-2016 21:46

3 ways to stop nose picking that actually work

Photo: iStockphoto It?s got a fancy name?rhinotillexis?but there?s nothing dignified about nose picking. Sure, it?s kinda cute the first time, but ...
25-11-2016 21:46

Christmas on Regent Street

London’s favourite shopping hub comes alive this festive season  Is it us, or are the Christmas lights of W1 looking better than ever this year" We ...
25-11-2016 21:49

5 Christmas trees kids will love

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.5-christmas-trees-kids-will-love ...
25-11-2016 21:46
25-11-2016 21:46

What’s on this weekend: November 26th & 27th

Did someone say… Christmas" 1. Christmas at Kew Kew will once again transform into a magical wonderland, as visitors embark on a mile-long illumina ...
25-11-2016 21:49

America?s favorite TV mom dies unexpectedly at 82

by Whitney Barthel posted in Celebrities Iconic mother Florence Henderson died November 24th in a Los Angles hospital. The TV star was admitted on th ...
25-11-2016 21:45

7 best new video games for kids

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ a img ...
25-11-2016 21:46

What to do if your baby is refusing solid food

Photo: Stocksy United The day after her son Ronan turned six months, Suzanne Ricard, a professor in Toronto, decided to start him on solid food. He sh ...
25-11-2016 21:46

Fashion: winter’s coming!

Cosy knits and layers of faux shearling pave the way for snowy adventures Callum wears coat, £84, and scarf, £28, both; jeans, £56, ...
23-11-2016 21:51

Chicken Enchiladas

Preparation time: 35 minutes Total time: 40 minutes Makes: 4 servings Ingredients 1 tbsp canola oil, divided 2 large skinless, boneless chicken br ...
23-11-2016 21:48

Kid Talk: How do you cheer yourself up"

The post Kid Talk: How do you cheer yourself up" appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
23-11-2016 21:48

Kid Talk: What’s the secret to happiness"

The post Kid Talk: What’s the secret to happiness" appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
23-11-2016 21:48

Holiday sides: Heavenly scalloped potatoes

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home I know that for some families it\'s sacrilege to forego mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. If you feel strongly ...
23-11-2016 21:47

You’ve gotta see the most unintentionally hilarious Ch

Photo: andherewestand via Reddit These three little wise men seem pretty pleased to show off their blinged-out gift boxes, but when you look closely, ...
23-11-2016 21:48

Karaoke for Christmas

Even those not blessed with the voice of an angel love a spot of karaoke, and no-one more so than the kids, which is why the new Karaoke Kits from Lu ...
23-11-2016 21:51

Cold Weather Favorites + A Giveaway!

If you\'ve been waiting to shop for cold weather essentials for your little ones, now is the time! The Children\'s Place is having a super sale and e ...
23-11-2016 21:47

8 fun and easy felt crafts for kids

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.felt-crafts a img { max-width ...
23-11-2016 21:48

Kid Talk: What scares you"

The post Kid Talk: What scares you" appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
23-11-2016 21:48

Kid talk: What’s the yuckiest thing in the world

The post Kid talk: What’s the yuckiest thing in the world appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
23-11-2016 21:48

Make leaf place cards with kids this Thanksgiving

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home I know it seems like one more thing to worry about on a busy day, but I really love having a kids\' craft on-han ...
23-11-2016 21:47

6 times Evil Kermit was all of us

Read more: #PhelpsFace is every toddler #ThisIsMyLife: 8 reasons your toddler is freaking out right now 8 things you?ve (probably) never done ...
23-11-2016 21:48

Is bath time the most stressful part of your day"

Parents have revealed that the time they spend with their child in the tub is the most stressful, but also the most enriching It?s supposed to be the ...
23-11-2016 21:51

Kid talk: What?s the best thing about being a kid"

The post Kid talk: What?s the best thing about being a kid" appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
23-11-2016 21:48

12 wonderful winter crafts to wipe away cabin fever

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.winter-crafts a img { max-wid ...
23-11-2016 21:48
22-11-2016 21:49

Push breakfast over the edge with apple cinnamon rolls

by Kami Bigler posted in Life & Home Apple cinnamon rolls are so good! I mean, cinnamon rolls are so amazing that there are very few ways to make the ...
22-11-2016 21:48

6 ways to get your picky eater to try new foods

Felty friends: Mandy Milks, Line illustrations: Anthony Swaneveld, Photo: Roberto Caruso, felt material courtesy of When it feels ...
22-11-2016 21:49

#ThisIsMyLife: Parent Betrayals

Leah Rumack is the deputy editor of Today?s Parent. A version of this article originally appeared in the December 2016 issue of Today?s Parent, p ...
22-11-2016 21:49

Christmas trees that do good

December is almost upon us and, with it, the start of the festive season. Have you thought about where you’ll get your Christmas tree this year" Lo ...
22-11-2016 21:52

9 personalized gifts for everyone on your holiday list

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.9-personalized-gifts-for-everyon ...
22-11-2016 21:49

25 things we love about Beauty and the Beast on its 25th ann

Happy Anniversary to the beloved Tale as Old as Time. To commemorate this most blessed occasion, we rounded up 25 of our favourite things about the 19 ...
22-11-2016 21:49

Funny Babies First Time in The Snow - Hilarious Reactions

This babies sew snow for the first time, some of them liked it, some not :) In this video we can watch baby\'s hilarious reactions meeting snow for t ...
22-11-2016 21:49

8 ways to help a colicky baby

by Whitney Barthel posted in Products & Prizes After four babies you would think I would be an expert in all things baby. But when my last baby went ...
22-11-2016 21:48

Germaphobe parents: Will your baby be OK"

A pump dispenser of hand sanitizer is prominently displayed on the coffee table inside Jelissa Buchanan?s home. The mom of three hopes guests will ge ...
22-11-2016 21:49

14 tips for dealing with picky eaters

The post 14 tips for dealing with picky eaters appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
22-11-2016 21:49

First look: Mini Rodini x Adidas Originals

This brand new collaboration is about to blow kidswear out of the water Scandi childrenswear label Mini Rodini, known for its ethically produced sust ...
22-11-2016 21:52

What to do when your child won’t speak

Julia Hudson?s* son Tyler was a chatty preschooler. But at 2½, the Hamilton boy changed. ?As soon as we left the house, he?d stop talking,? says Tyle ...
22-11-2016 21:49

Jillian Michaels has opinions on "poison" prenatal

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Because of what ...
22-11-2016 21:48

Review: Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners helped my colick

Photo: Christine of Little Miss Kate & Co. Figuring out bottle-feeding can be a trying time for everyone, whether you?re a new mom who?s bottle-feedin ...
22-11-2016 21:49

My Little London: Edith Bowman

The Virgin Radio DJ believes it’s important to take a break from the fast pace of London life   The DJ, presenter and mother talks about life in the ...
21-11-2016 21:50

What to do when your kid cuts her own hair

Mom-of-three Becky Lawrence* remembers the day she discovered that her daughter, Molly,* who was nearly three years old at the time, had given hersel ...
21-11-2016 21:47

How to get your baby to sleep through the night

“I let my baby cry it out” By Sasha Emmons ?Mommy, I love sleeping,? my five-year-old son, Julian, said the other night as I tucked him into bed. ...
21-11-2016 21:47

13 hilarious parenting rules you never thought you’d h

Photo: iStockphoto Parents took to Reddit recently to talk about hilarious parenting rules they never thought they’d have to make. Some even posted ...
21-11-2016 21:47

Apple cider martinis are a great holiday cocktail or mocktai

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home We\'re a special drink family. all love celebrating events with sparkling cider or special dr ...
21-11-2016 21:47

Beckham the ballerina

Is there no end to the Beckham family?s talents" David and Victoria aside, we?ve seen Romeo?s modelling, Brooklyn?s photography and Cruz?s singing a ...
21-11-2016 21:50

RECALL: Sabra brand hummus due to listeria risk

Photo: Sabra Canada Inc. is recalling many varieties of their hummus products due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. Here are ...
21-11-2016 21:47

3 ways to avoid a grocery store meltdown

Photo: @ohheykt on Instagram 1. Optimize the conditions Make sure everyone (and that includes you) is well rested and well-fed to help bolster willpow ...
21-11-2016 21:47

The Cars 3 teaser trailer is finally here!

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Ka-Chow! Everyone’s favourite race car, Lightning McQueen, is coming back to the big screen in Summer 2017, but after chec ...
21-11-2016 21:47

Don't miss Ryan Reynolds' 5 funny childbirth tips

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Celebrities ...
21-11-2016 21:47

Pregnancy weight gain: How much is normal"

In preparation for her first pregnancy, Susan Clinton decided to get in shape. The Ottawa accountant had always led a fairly active lifestyle, but be ...
21-11-2016 21:47

This winter’s best ice rinks ? plus, win tickets!

Get your skates on ? it?s time to visit our pick of the best family-friendly rinks in and around the capital Skate at Somerset House Strand, London W ...
21-11-2016 21:50
21-11-2016 21:47

Favorite Holiday Outfits by The Children's Place

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw Lucia\'s outfit for our annual family pictures I shared last week. Yesterday\'s session went great an ...
21-11-2016 21:47

Chrissy Teigen tells the cold hard truth about celebrity mom

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities ...
20-11-2016 21:46

2016 Holiday Gift Guides -- For Babies

Let\'s kick off our holiday gift guides with thoughtful and unique gifts for babies. Before we do so, make sure you keep and eye out for the red ornam ...
19-11-2016 21:48

Amazing video: 9-year-old catches his falling baby brother

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories The majority of harrowing parenting tales seem to begin with this phrase: "I turned my back for a moment when ...
19-11-2016 21:48

Superhero style: Scamp & Dude launches at Liberty London

The brand new range of kids’ clothing, accessories and soft ‘sleep buddies’ is the stuff of childhood dreams  When mother of two Jo Tutchener-S ...
18-11-2016 21:49

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