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A smart fix for a working mom's fear of missing out

Mons News
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A smart fix for a working mom's fear of missing out A smart fix for a working mom's fear of missing out

A smart fix for a working mom's fear of missing out

by BabyCenter Featured Expert posted in Products & Prizes

By Stephanie Hinderks
This summer, we hit a major milestone in my family: We?re finally able to take advantage of the curbside ?kiss and ride? drop off at camp. When I check the rearview mirror, I see both kids skipping away without a backward glance as I drive off to work. Separation anxiety is becoming a thing of the past ? for the kids, at least.
As a mother, of course, it never quite goes away. While the panic of handing your newborn off to daycare or a babysitter may subside quickly, separation anxiety will stick around in a different form: FOMO, that fear of missing out on precious childhood memories.
I used to love hearing from my babysitter what the kids had been up to all day, but I found myself wishing I could see for myself. A few years ago, I started using technology at home to make that possible. I?m a product manager at, a company that makes smarter home security technology used by millions of people. As well as a security system, it?s also a state-of-the-art anxiety reduction tool, with features like smart video cameras that show you what?s happening at home -- right from a home security app on your phone.
Part of my job involves testing smarter home technology in my own house and from my desk at work. I?ve noticed three benefits that really jump out.
It lightens that FOMO feeling
I have a recurring favorite text message this summer; it arrives at 3:30 p.m. most every day and it shows me a v...
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A smart fix for a working mom's fear of missing out A smart fix for a working mom's fear of missing out


Fuente de la noticia: babycenter
Fecha de publicación: 20-08-2016 21:40
visto: 85

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