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Mom shares unassisted home birth photo after "horrible" hospital experience

Mons News
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Mom shares unassisted home birth photo after "horrible" hospital experience Mom shares unassisted home birth photo after "horrible" hospital experience

Mom shares unassisted home birth photo after "horrible" hospital experience

by Melissa Willets posted in Pregnancy

New mom-of-twoMarissa Heckel believes women should give birth the way they want. That's why she delivered her son herself in a completely unassisted home birth. Heckel shared a photo of her empowering experience on Facebook, where it has since inspired many other moms-to-be.

Herphoto is about as raw as it gets. You can see pools of blood on the floor, and her son's umbilical cord. I'm looking at the joyon Heckel's face as she holds her new baby, but it's as if I can also feel the trembling in her legs. After all, it took 36 hours of hard labor for this moment to happen.
But why did this Ohio mama want an unassisted home birth -- meaning no medical professional, not even a midwife, was present when her son was born" Her story actually started years earlier. As Heckel wrote in apost on Facebook accompanying this incredibly honestphoto, "Three years ago...I delivered my daughter in a hospital drug free. After a horrible experience being bullied about my birth plan and harassed throughout my labor, I decided to stay at home and deliver my son upon finding out I was pregnant."
She says her hubby was completely supportive of her choice, even though he worried about her during labor. Still, he was there every step of the way. She explained, "When the contractions and the pressure came my husband was bedside holding my hand. It was actually romantic although I was practically roaring at this point."
Heckel admit...
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Mom shares unassisted home birth photo after "horrible" hospital experience Mom shares unassisted home birth photo after "horrible" hospital experience


Fuente de la noticia: babycenter
Fecha de publicacin: 08-01-2018 21:52
visto: 142

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