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15 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing

Mons News
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15 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing 15 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing

15 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing

The risk of your kiddoing a stupid dare is no longer limited to peer pressure at school. Any child with access to social media can be exposed to these sometimes gross, sometimes dangerous YouTube challenges that are trending online.
Childish (and sometimes harmful) dares are nothing new. For instance, ?bloody knuckles? and ?hand slaps? are pain-inducinggames that kids and teenagers have been playing for years.But today, kids are performing increasingly dangerous challenges, then posting videos of the acts online in order to gain likes and views. One of the more recent ones?the Tide Pod challenge?is potentially deadly.
Here are some of the popular challenges kids are trying.

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Any child with access to social media can be exposed to these trending #challenges.


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15 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing 15 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing


Fuente de la noticia: todays parent
Fecha de publicacin: 28-02-2019 21:47
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