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Boys only: the benefits of single sex education

Mons News
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Boys only: the benefits of single sex education Boys only: the benefits of single sex education

Boys only: the benefits of single sex education

A new school year comes around, and the single sex versus co-ed debate never goes away. Which option is best for your child" There are benefits to both but also distinct differences, writes Ben Beardmore-Gray.
For many parents, this thorny topic is heavily influenced by memories of their own experience, whether in the independent or state sector. Some cannot bear to think of their son or daughter going through the same social experience they had, and there are many stories to prove that neither option is always right for every child. Strong opinions are shared and aired among parents in the playground and on social media: the bottom line is there is no right or wrong, but you need to decide which is likely to work out best in your family situation.
Over my teaching career, I have taught in both all-boys and co-ed prep schools, and both clearly offer something different. The most important factor is that the school itself is a good educational establishment, or in inspection speak, ?excellent? or ?outstanding?. Depending on your local options, and whether you are prepared to re-locate, or consider the boarding school route, it is surely better to send your child to a really good school rather than an average one, whether single sex or co-ed.
However, if you are in the fortunate position of having a choice of two schools on your doorstep that are of similar standard, the targeted education of single sex schools can offer distinct benefits. The most obvious of these...
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Boys only: the benefits of single sex education Boys only: the benefits of single sex education


Fuente de la noticia: independentschoolparent
Fecha de publicación: 15-09-2016 21:48
visto: 56

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