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How Trauma May Affect Healthcare Visits

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How Trauma May Affect Healthcare Visits How Trauma May Affect Healthcare Visits

How Trauma May Affect Healthcare Visits

Anxious about routine cervical exams and Pap smears" A 2019 study by Cornforth found a significant number of women ages 18-71 reported feeling at least some anxiety during gynecological exams.
For some, though, a pelvic exam can be so paralyzing they avoid care. If you?ve had traumatic experiences, you may benefit from receiving trauma-informed care.
What is Trauma-Informed Care"
Trauma-informed care assumes most people have experienced some form of trauma. It uses actions and techniques to avoid re-traumatizing a person. Healthcare providers who practice trauma-informed care have received training to help them recognize the signs that a person may have experienced a form of trauma. They?re able to modify care to minimize re-traumatizing you. Be Your Own Advocate
The main thing you can do to have a positive health care experience is to be your own advocate. Find a healthcare professional that you trust, and who listens to your needs and concerns. Ask if they?re familiar with trauma-informed care, and share your experiences or concerns, as desired.
During trauma-informed care you should always feel respected and in control. You may never look forward to your annual well-woman exam, but it doesn?t have to be an experience that gives you anxiety or leaves you feeling re-traumatized.
Principles of Trauma Informed Care

Individuals feel physically and psychologically safe
Healthcare decisions build and maintain trust, and ensure that the person is the primary decisio...
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How Trauma May Affect Healthcare Visits How Trauma May Affect Healthcare Visits


Fuente de la noticia: health4mom
Fecha de publicación: 19-11-2021 21:46
visto: 4

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