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The Best Children’s Books Chosen by Teachers and Authors

Mons News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: independentschoolparent - View all news from this site
The Best Children’s Books Chosen by Teachers and Authors The Best Children’s Books Chosen by Teachers and Authors

The Best Children’s Books Chosen by Teachers and Authors

Today, thousands of people ? including teachers and authors ? have been sharing their favourite children’s books via the medium of Twitter. Are any of your favourites up there" Join in at #favechildrenslit
There’s nothing quite like digging out one of your favourite books from your childhood ? the nostalgia of admiring the cover, turning over the first page for the first time, or having a parent or relative read it to you as you snuggled under the covers.
This is exactly what Fave Children’s Lit ? a Twitter “space” for book recommendations ? has been celebrating today (1st August 2017), using hashtag #favechildrenslit. The Twitter account’s curator, Simon Smith, who is Headteacher of East Whitby Academy, North Yorkshire kicked things off this morning, asking Twitter users to share “something old, something new, something shared, something read to you.” And so, the responses poured in…

#favechildrenslit today is the day. Let’s celebrate the brilliance of children’s books. Please retweet and share your favourites.
? Fave Children’s Lit (@fave_kid_lit) August 1, 2017

#FaveChildrensLit – First four that jump to mind…#Matilda #MillyMollyMandy #BurglarBill #FlatStanley
? Danielle St Leon (@QuixoticDream) August 1, 2017

1. His Dark Materials by @PhilipPullman. First read before teacher training and just blew me away. #favechildrenslit...
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The Best Children’s Books Chosen by Teachers and Authors The Best Children’s Books Chosen by Teachers and Authors


Fuente de la noticia: independentschoolparent
Fecha de publicación: 02-08-2017 21:54
visto: 4

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