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Top 5 Ways For Children to Learn Languages, Inspired by Disney Film Encanto

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Top 5 Ways For Children to Learn Languages, Inspired by Disney Film Encanto Top 5 Ways For Children to Learn Languages, Inspired by Disney Film Encanto

Top 5 Ways For Children to Learn Languages, Inspired by Disney Film Encanto

Disney?s new animation Encanto appears to have inspired a whole generation of language learners. Here, we discover the best ways for children to learn a second language from home.
Credit: Unsplash
Set in Columbia, Disney’s new film Encanto follows the story of Mirabel Madrigal and her magical family, where everyone has been blessed with a special power except her.  The film has already been breaking records in Hollywood, ranked the highest-grossing animated film of 2021 and named Best Animated Movie at the Golden Globes 2022.
Google searches for ?learn Spanish? increasing by 324% in the month following its release. Learning a second language from a young age has many surprising benefits ? it?s fun, nurtures curiosity, promotes healthy development and boosts academic achievement. We spoke to online language platform Preply to discover the best ways for children to learn a second language from home. Daniele Saccardi from Preply says: ?Learning a second language from a young age has many cognitive benefits and is a really effective way to keep the mind sharp.
?It helps encourage skills in creativity, memorisation and listening and can be really beneficial for career advancements later in life.?
The Top Five Ways Children can Learn a Second Language
Research shows that bilingual children learn faster and have improved problem solving skills and creativity.
Reading is one of the best ways for children to be more exposed to the different sentences, grammar, and voc...
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Top 5 Ways For Children to Learn Languages, Inspired by Disney Film Encanto Top 5 Ways For Children to Learn Languages, Inspired by Disney Film Encanto


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Fecha de publicacin: 14-01-2022 21:47
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