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Your pregnancy: The third trimester

Mons News
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Your pregnancy: The third trimester Your pregnancy: The third trimester

Your pregnancy: The third trimester

Here you are: the home stretch! In some ways it probably feels like your pregnancy is passing at warp speed; in other ways, it seems like it?s never-ending. Your body and your baby continue to grow and change in important and amazing ways throughout your third trimester. Here?s a closer look at what might be in store for you in your final months of pregnancy.
When does the third trimester start" When does it end"
Your third trimester begins at week 28 and lasts, well, until you deliver your baby. An average pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks?if you deliver before 37 weeks, it?s considered preterm, and 39 or 40 weeks is full-term. Some pregnancies go into 41 or even 42 weeks, and at that point your healthcare provider will talk about options for inducing labour. What are some of the pregnancy symptoms in the third trimester"
Breast changes
Prolactin, the hormone that stimulates your breasts to get ready for milk production, increases steadily in your third trimester?it?s 10 times higher at the end of your pregnancy than it was at the beginning. At 32 weeks and beyond, you may leak a bit of colostrum, which is the ?liquid gold? nutrient-rich fluid that your body makes before your breastmilk fully comes in. If you?re breastfeeding, this will be your baby?s first food, and this is just practice for the big event. You may notice stretch marks or broken capillaries on your breasts because they?ve grown so much fuller during your pregnancy (these may fade in time, but t...
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Your pregnancy: The third trimester Your pregnancy: The third trimester


Fuente de la noticia: todays parent
Fecha de publicación: 12-08-2019 21:44
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Your pregnancy: The third trimester

Here you are: the home stretch! In some ways it probably feels like your pregnancy is passing at warp speed; in other ways, it seems like it?s never-e ...
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10 best communities to raise a family in Canada

Christophe Ledent/iStock 10. Ottawa, Ont. Average monthly toddler daycare costs: $1,009 Percentage of families with children: 45% Percentage of popula ...
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Giving your baby morning breastmilk at bedtime might be ruin

Human breast milk is more than a meal?it?s also a clock, providing time-of-day information to infants. The composition of breast milk changes across t ...
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Here’s exactly how your body makes milk (spoiler: it&#

Whether you’re thoroughly experienced or just starting out, breastfeeding a baby can be a beloved (though not always easy!) part of motherhood. Whil ...
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Baby Gear for Dad

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*This* is the best stage of parenting. There, I said it.

When people think of the ?golden years,? they usually think of retirement?perhaps a quaint little cottage up north or a condo in Florida, spending som ...
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Having daughters made me rethink breast reduction surgery

When I was in grade five, it felt like I went from flat to double D overnight. I wore a bra before any of my peers and was painfully self-conscious of ...
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10 clever ways to save on school supplies

As summer starts to wind down and the new school year fast approaches, so does the all-too-familiar stress of back-to-school shopping. New backpacks, ...
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Your pregnancy: The second trimester

Lots of women really enjoy the second trimester?that happy middle ground of pregnancy. With any luck, the nausea and fatigue of the first few months h ...
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When you?re plus-size, you get a lot more side-eye for breas

Not 24 hours after my son was born, a couple weeks early, I remember joking with my husband that my ginormous breasts could probably feed all the babi ...
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The way your toddler looks at your face could be an early si

Imagine that your son Tommy is about to turn two. He is a shy and sweet little boy, but his behaviours can be unpredictable. He throws the worst tempe ...
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Yes, my kid is on a leash. Don?t judge me.

As my three-year-old son and I strolled through the parking lot, a group of teenagers started giggling and pointing at us. My stomach tightened and my ...
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Yup, this celeb mom-to-be has taken to wearing diapers!

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My birth wasn?t considered traumatic, and yet I?m still stru

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Marshall?s and Today?s Parent Back To School Contest: Rules

.byline { display: none; margin-bottom: 40px; }   CONTEST RULES (the ?Official Rules?) Marshall?s and Today?s Parent Back To School ...
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