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Another edition of funny babies try not to laugh challenge. Can you watch this withou laughing"" SUBSCRIBE here: To make compi ...
31-10-2017 21:52

Having an arm amputation ain’t no thang for this sweet

Three-year-old Scarlette was diagnosed with a type of tissue cancer called spindle cell sarcoma as a baby. When she was 10 months old, she had her lef ...
31-10-2017 21:52

Minion Mip Turbo Dave unboxing and review

The post Minion Mip Turbo Dave unboxing and review appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
31-10-2017 21:52

Talking business with The Bright Company founder Alienor Fal

The designer behind The Bright Company talks multitasking, career highs, and juggling work and family What prompted you to set up The Bright Company" ...
31-10-2017 21:56

5 things I did (like buy a minivan) because of my online mom

by Deidra Romero posted in Parenting I have a serious problem. I\'m addicted to my Facebook mom group. I absolutely love reading all of the problems ...
31-10-2017 21:51

Luvabella unboxing and review

The post Luvabella unboxing and review appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
31-10-2017 21:52

Here’s how long to breastfeed to cut your baby’s

Imagine being able to cut your baby’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in half. According to a new study, if you are able to breastfeed, ...
31-10-2017 21:52

Why is bump-shaming still happening"

by Jamie Reed posted in Pregnancy I attended a baby shower at 6 months pregnant and by the time I left, I was embarrassed by the comments others had ...
31-10-2017 21:51

All Kate Middleton’s stylish maternity looks from her

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.kate-middleton-third-pregnancy-fa ...
31-10-2017 21:52
31-10-2017 21:52

'Vaginal seeding' could transmit disease, ACOG say

by Claudia Boyd-Barrett posted in Pregnancy Putting vaginal fluid on your baby after birth in an attempt to boost his immunity ? a process known as " ...
31-10-2017 21:51

Uni of Buckingham to Become Europe’s First Positive Un

The University of Buckingham explains why it is establishing itself as a positive place to learn in light of student mental health It wouldn?t be an e ...
31-10-2017 21:56

Acetaminophen use during pregnancy may be linked to ADHD, bu

When it comes to taking painkillers when you?re pregnant, acetaminophen (a.k.a. Tylenol) is just about the only option that?s considered safe for the ...
31-10-2017 21:52

The Hottest Gift & Gadgets of 2017

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.the-hottest-gift-gadgets-of-2017 ...
31-10-2017 21:52

Moms need breakfast too! Try this easy avocado toast

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life Twice in the past few weeks, I\'ve looked up and it\'s 11 a.m. and I\'m about to pass out. I must have low blood suga ...
31-10-2017 21:51

My mommy is a heartless harpy: The deep thoughts of a demon

Last night I dreamt of the titty again. Heaving, luscious pillows they were, limitless mountains I might climb at will. A devilish smile crept upon my ...
31-10-2017 21:52

Play-Doh kitchen creations magical oven unboxing and review

The post Play-Doh kitchen creations magical oven unboxing and review appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
31-10-2017 21:52

Afraid of poisoned Halloween candy from strangers" Don&

by Sara McGinnis posted in Parenting Do you know how many children have actually died from eating poisoned Halloween candy" The answer is only one. ...
30-10-2017 21:56

A Day in the Life of a Physicist at Imperial College

Dr Jess Wade, 29, is a Research Associate in the Department of Physics and Centre for Plastic Electronics at Imperial College, London I?m responsible ...
30-10-2017 22:01

If teething gels are dangerous, how can I relieve my baby?s

I?ve heard I shouldn?t use teething gels. What else can I give my baby for the pain" You?re right: Teething gels, which contain the topical anesthetic ...
30-10-2017 21:57

Long-term use of Tylenol in pregnancy tied to ADHD

by Claudia Boyd-Barrett posted in Pregnancy Taking pain-relief drugs that contain acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, for a month or more during pregnanc ...
30-10-2017 21:56

I changed my name for the sake of my kids?and I regret it

Photo: Courtesy of Sheri Segal Glick ?Sure, let me check your reservation. What?s your last name"? ?Can I just use my phone number"? ?Preferably not. ...
30-10-2017 21:57

Down syndrome parents consider "If I could go back?&quo

by Whitney Barthel posted in Parenting If I could go back to the time before my son with Down syndrome was born, I would want to know that the feeli ...
30-10-2017 21:56

Can my kid get mumps and measles even if she’s been va

I keep hearing about measles and mumps outbreaks. My kid has had the MMR vaccine, but could she still be affected" ?It is possible to contract measles ...
30-10-2017 21:57

I Bet You Can't STOP Laughing - Funny BABIES Halloween Costu

It\'s amazing Hallowen costume ideas for babies. I Bet You Cant STOP Laughing - Funny BABY Halloween Costumes. Try not to laugh :) SUBSCRIBE here: ht ...
30-10-2017 21:57

Diaper bag must-haves for moms of multiples

by Tabitha Blue posted in Products Every mom goes through a quintessential rite of passage: the packing of the diaper bag. When we first start out, i ...
30-10-2017 21:56

Kristen Bell?s daughter made her wear the most humiliating c

When it came to Halloween this year, Kristen Bell?aka Princess Anna?had to let it go. The Frozen star looked pretty unimpressed dressed up in an Elsa ...
30-10-2017 21:57

New discovery: Another amazing benefit of breast milk

by BabyCenter Featured Expert posted in Parenting By: Dr. Tracy Shafizadeh Human milk is amazing. We know that human milk\'s basic function is to pr ...
30-10-2017 21:56

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

When it comes to convertible car seats, you want something that’s going to last and grow with your kid through all the car seat stages. The Graco 4E ...
30-10-2017 21:57

The #pumpkinbutt hashtag is the cheekiest part of Halloween

by Melissa Willets posted in Parenting It is the latest social media trend to take over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: #pumpkinbutt. Here\'s the d ...
30-10-2017 21:56

Heartlake Hospital by Lego Friends unboxing and review

The post Heartlake Hospital by Lego Friends unboxing and review appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
30-10-2017 21:57

It's true -- some moms actually don't experience c

by Laura Falin posted in Pregnancy I like to remind my oldest child that it took a good 36 hours of labor to birth him. I figure if someday all my ki ...
30-10-2017 21:56

The ?worst Halloween candy? fights back on social media

Halloween candy: How three dietitian moms deal with it Twitter users took to Kerr?s Candy social media feed with their take on the articl ...
30-10-2017 21:57

Am I pregnant or is my body just weird AF"

by Michelle Stein posted in Parenting Am I pregnant" Or is my period just late" Answer: Who knows" BUT I FEEL LIKE I\'M GOING INSANE. This has happe ...
30-10-2017 21:56

Fall Wardrobe Essentials with JoJo Maman BéBé

Fall has finally arrived in Georgia! With temperatures in the mid 80s last week, it\'s great to finally be able to wear warm jackets and cozy sweaters ...
30-10-2017 21:56

PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower unboxing and review

The post PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower unboxing and review appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
30-10-2017 21:57

New photos: NICU babies wear tiniest Halloween costumes you&

by Melissa Willets posted in Parenting This week, preemies who are spending their first holiday in the NICU, wore the tiniest Halloween costumes you ...
29-10-2017 21:55

Our easy-as-pie Halloween pregnancy announcement

by Kelly Wilbanks posted in Pregnancy Like all our best ideas, the way to announce our pregnancy came to us quickly, easily, and actually worked. We ...
29-10-2017 21:55

This is what 70 pounds overweight, and happy, looks like

by Betsy Shaw posted in Parenting Tiffany Burke, a mother and professional photographer,recently turned the camera on herself. And the internet took ...
28-10-2017 21:49

New moms want to know: How do you grocery shop with a baby&q

by Michelle Stein posted in Parenting Everything changes when you welcome a baby into your life. Activities that once seemed mundane suddenly requir ...
28-10-2017 21:49

This NICU does the best thing ever for moms and their preemi

Kate Robson holds her firstborn, Maggie, after she was born at 25 weeks. Photo: Courtesy of Kate Robson When someone asks me what the hardest thing wa ...
28-10-2017 21:50

Facebook etiquette 101: Let parents make the birth announcem

by Deidra Romero posted in Parenting Do you remember getting a card in the mail from your cousin in Cleveland announcing the arrival of their new ba ...
28-10-2017 21:49

What am I supposed to do with all these baby teeth"

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Parenting There are so many strange and unexpected parts of parenting. For example, I bet nobody told you when you ha ...
28-10-2017 21:49

Funny BABIES Love HALLOWEEN Candy - Halloween Fails Compilat

Let\'s see funny Halloween moments of cute babies. Subscribe here: To make compilations we use Videos submitted by the Authors ...
28-10-2017 21:50

I?m doing all the things I swore I?d never do as a mom

by Becky Vieira posted in Parenting I grew up in a large family and was the last of my friends to have a baby.  Yet I still had some preconceived no ...
28-10-2017 21:49

Shawn Johnson reveals pregnancy, miscarriage in heartbreakin

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Pregnancy This week, U.S. gymnast Shawn Johnson East filmed a video to share some very exciting news with her fans: Sh ...
27-10-2017 21:49

How to start saving for your kid’s university educatio

Most parents have barely taken their baby on their first stroller ride when they start to wonder how to pay for a university education. There?s a lot ...
27-10-2017 21:50

Can ovarian cysts affect your ability to get pregnant"

Ovarian cysts are simply fluid-filled sacs on, or within, the ovaries. Though they might not come up in conversation, they’re actually very common?m ...
27-10-2017 21:50

Check It Out: Janie and Jack Me & Mommy Collection

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this ...
27-10-2017 21:49

New survey reveals parents’ biggest fears

When a newly pregnant friend recently confided in me that she was worried about having a miscarriage, about the results of her prenatal testing, and a ...
27-10-2017 21:50

Photos: 3-year-old has epic Target birthday party

by Melissa Willets posted in Parenting We know moms love Target. But 3-year-old Charlie Kern loves the big red bullseye so much, she asked her mom E ...
27-10-2017 21:49

How to Run a Capital Appeal for your School

Running a capital appeal for your school is no simple feat. Alongside advice and resources, what else do you need" David Coe explains Raising a large ...
27-10-2017 21:54

I'm a work-at-home mom, here's how you can become

by Brandi Riley posted in Pregnancy From the moment I laid eyes on my first child 8 years ago, I knew I wanted to be a work-at-home mom. Before she w ...
27-10-2017 21:49

Meet the head: Mr Hornshaw at Berkhamsted Prep School

We chat to Jamie Hornshaw, head of Berkhamsted Prep School in Hertfordshire How long have you been at Berkhamsted Prep" This is the start of my fifth ...
27-10-2017 21:54

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Fragrance Free Shampoo and Wash

When it comes to baby shampoo, there?s a huge range of products available, each with different benefits to offer, like easy dispensing or a clean ingr ...
27-10-2017 21:50

A shocking number of baby formulas contain arsenic

Don?t panic, but there?s a good chance your baby?s formula contains arsenic. A new study from the US has found that almost 80 percent of infant formul ...
27-10-2017 21:50

Why parents (and schools) shouldn’t ban junk food

?She had that guilty look from the second I came near her,? recalls Annette Prouse*  of her six-year-old daughter, Ella, when she found her holding a ...
27-10-2017 21:50

Your waste-free packed lunch problems, solved

by Sabrina Garibian posted in Products While my oldest child just started kindergarten this fall, I\'ve been packing kid lunches for years. With dayc ...
27-10-2017 21:49

Does Independent School Affect your Oxbridge Chances"

The theory that going to independent school damages your Oxbridge chances may not be all that it seems Every autumn, Oxbridge Applications receives hu ...
27-10-2017 21:54

How will you know when your kid's too old to go trick-o

by Sara McGinnis posted in Parenting "Damnit!" I distinctly recall my dad yelling, one Halloween night. Mumbling curse words under his breath he huf ...
27-10-2017 21:49

Faith's Fourteenth Birthday

Last year I had a tough time getting used to the idea that my daughter had somehow turned into a teenager. This year, I\'m having a hard time believin ...
27-10-2017 21:24

6 fun ways to boost your toddler?s language development

Learning to talk is an exciting milestone that begins right from birth. Your baby?s first sounds and facial expressions will morph into gestures and, ...
27-10-2017 21:50

Mom's breastfeeding and pumping pumpkin wins Halloween

by Melissa Willets posted in Parenting Virginia mom Taylor Tignor has won Halloween this year. Her breastfeeding and pumping pumpkin went viral afte ...
26-10-2017 21:49


Awesome twin baby videos will make you laughing, I believe. :) To make compilations we use Videos submitted by the Authors (As claimed). If you the ...
26-10-2017 21:50

Paediatricians are ‘increasingly’ being asked ab

The Canadian Paediatric Society says its members are ?increasingly? being asked by parents about the option of seeking medically assisted death for ch ...
26-10-2017 21:50

Ones to Watch: November 2017

We catch up with the stars of the independent school sector Laurence Belcher, 21 Actor City of London Fr ...
26-10-2017 21:54

I?m a jerk mom and didn?t let my kids pick their Halloween c

by Whitney Barthel posted in Parenting I used to be a really great mom. No, no, wait. That was someone else. Okay, I used to aspire to be a really g ...
26-10-2017 21:49

13 kids? movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada this Nove

Real talk: I get pretty excited when Netflix Canada announces which kids’ TV shows and movies it will add to its lineup each month. Will there be a ...
26-10-2017 21:50

Can you guess the top questions new parents ask Google Assis

by Michelle Stein posted in Parenting When I brought home my first baby from the hospital, I realized pretty quickly that I had more questions than ...
26-10-2017 21:49

Science has found why some babies are vulnerable to SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is one of the biggest fears of new parents?in part because there are so many unanswered questions about why some b ...
26-10-2017 21:50

Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller

The Mamas & Papas Armadillo has somehow struck a balance between being compact and roomy at the same time. Thanks to its full recline position and adj ...
26-10-2017 21:50

5 keepsakes every angel mama should know about

by Kelly Wilbanks posted in Products Loss is a very present reality in the world of giving birth and raising children. The statistics say one in four ...
26-10-2017 21:49

What causes leg cramps during pregnancy?and how to relieve t

After a long day of waddling around with your ever-growing baby belly, you finally settle in for some much-needed sleep. But just as you’re about to ...
26-10-2017 21:50

An epidural gave me spinal headaches, and it really, really

by Ashleigh Evans posted in Pregnancy With my last pregnancy, I was determined to not have an epidural. Previously, I had one birth (twins) with an e ...
26-10-2017 21:49

What’s on in London this weekend: 28 & 29 October

Five unique events in the capital to keep your little ones busy this weekend 1. Halloween Fair Visit the Horniman Museum & Gardens this month for its ...
26-10-2017 21:54

There’s a new Anne of Green Gables graphic novel and (

Everyone’s favourite redhead is back with a cool new rendition of this Canadian classic. Anne of Green Gables (by OG Lucy Maud Montgomery) has been  ...
26-10-2017 21:50

Bugaboo Bee5

The Bugaboo Bee5 stroller can really roll. With its swivel wheels, easy manoeuvrability and relatively lightweight frame (19.6 pounds), this is an urb ...
26-10-2017 21:50

Meet the School Hero: Jon Taylor

Head of Design, Jon Taylor shares how his passion for robotics is opening up new avenues for pupils at Cranleigh School, Surrey Even when I was a pupi ...
25-10-2017 21:55

Love Halloween" Here's a checklist to help you do

by Maggie Downs posted in Life Some people count down the days until Christmas. But me" I can\'t wait for Halloween. I\'m lucky enough to have given ...
25-10-2017 21:50

Don't lose your mind when Daylight Saving Time ends

by Laura Falin posted in Life It\'s coming. You have a week and a half to get ready, but make no mistake. The end of Daylight Saving Time will be her ...
25-10-2017 21:50

How to deal with headaches during pregnancy

Many women get headaches during pregnancy, and if you?re already prone to headaches, you may find them getting worse while you’re expecting (sorry!) ...
25-10-2017 21:51

6 ways to support a mother who has postpartum depression

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a stealthy condition. I nearly missed it. I was visiting a close friend who had given birth to her first child about a ...
25-10-2017 21:51

Win a book bundle for your little one

A spread from ‘Urban Jungle’ by Vicky Woodgate We’ve teamed up with Big Picture Press to give away a children’s book bundle to two lucky winne ...
25-10-2017 21:55

Short but sweet: 20 one-syllable baby names you'll love

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Pregnancy There is a lot to consider when picking the perfect baby name, not least of which is the potential for an un ...
25-10-2017 21:50

22 quick and easy baby Halloween costumes

The post 22 quick and easy baby Halloween costumes appeared first on Today's Parent. ...
25-10-2017 21:51

RECALL: Health Canada recalls Fisher-Price Soothing Motions

Health Canada and Mattel Canada Inc. have recalled 2,000 of Fisher-Price’s Soothing Motions Seat due to a risk of fire. The affected models are CMR3 ...
25-10-2017 21:51

Don't get sick at the doctor's office

by Claudia Boyd-Barrett posted in Parenting It\'s that time of year when cold and flu is rampant, which means the waiting room at your child\'s doct ...
25-10-2017 21:50

How to support a new mom with her loss without making it all

by Tara Shafer posted in Pregnancy As a veteran bereaved mom, it is my greatest honor to help new-to-loss parents learn to cope. As a brilliant frien ...
25-10-2017 21:50

Joking about stealing my baby isn?t funny

?She is so cute! I want to steal your baby.? ?Oh, what a doll! I?m just going to take her home with me.? ?Are you sure you want to keep her" You shoul ...
25-10-2017 21:51

The Big Debate: Sets or Mixed Ability in Senior Schools"

Which is better for Senior School pupils, sets or mixed ability classes" We asked two teachers to battle it out in The Big Debate! SETS: Tim Collins, ...
25-10-2017 21:55

Fisher-Price recalls 63,000 Soothing Motion Seats for fire h

by Michelle Stein posted in Products Parents of infants ? as well as expecting parents who have already had their baby showers ? should take note of ...
25-10-2017 21:50

Is this baby doll calling you a b*tch"

As babies learn to talk they say all sorts of nonsense words, which can sometimes come out ...
25-10-2017 21:51

6 kid illnesses that you didn’t know you could get as

When my son was 18 months old, he developed a mild fever, followed by a rash on his cheeks. Our paediatrician diagnosed him with fifth disease, which ...
25-10-2017 21:51

Meijer recalls packaged vegetables for possible listeria con

by Michelle Stein posted in Products Meijer Inc. has announced a recall of packaged vegetables in six U.S. states due to potential contamination of l ...
25-10-2017 21:50

What's the best car seat" Millions of parents say

by Joyce Slaton posted in Products Reading online product reviews is one of the fastest ways to hurl yourself down a deep internet rabbit hole. For e ...
25-10-2017 21:50

Newborn care: Everything you need to know about baby groomin

It?s true: Your baby is absolutely beautiful and probably the sweetest tiny human ever born, but even the most stunning infants need a bit of grooming ...
25-10-2017 21:51

7 ways to make Halloween more fun for kids with special need

Most kids love Halloween, but kids with disabilities may need a few simple accommodations so they can join in the trick or treating. Small changes to ...
24-10-2017 21:52

Easy-peasy pumpkin cheesecake trifles

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life I ate one of these for dessert last night and breakfast this morning, so I can double vouch that they are good. I esp ...
24-10-2017 21:51

10 easy ways to tell if your kid’s Halloween costume i

It’s not unusual for schools to have rules about kids’ Halloween costumes, but they often start and stop at “No weapons.” But it seems times a ...
24-10-2017 21:52

5 atrocious toy violations of the Parents' Bill of Righ

by Sara McGinnis posted in Parenting For far too long it\'s been anything goes in the toy world. That\'s why fed up adults across the country are dr ...
24-10-2017 21:51

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Here?s why I have a big problem with that photo of Beyoncé and her twins

Here?s why I have a big problem with that pho...

by Becky Vieira posted in Parenting Like most of the world with internet access, I spent last Friday looking at (okay, more like analyzing) the first photo released of Beyoncé with her newborn twins Rumi and Sir Carter. Also similar to almost... -
Whoopi Goldberg wants to ease your period pains with pot

Whoopi Goldberg wants to ease your period pai...

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Women everywhere can likely agree their periods are a pain, but I\'m not so sure everyone is going to be ready to get on board with -
Why can?t I find decent dresses for my five-year-old son"

Why can?t I find decent dresses for my five-y...

The request came over breakfast a few weeks after school started. Our family had just moved back to Ontario after two years in Nova Scotia. We had navigated thousands of kilometres, a sea of cardboard boxes and all the stormy emotions stirred up by... -
Battling burnout: How to have more fun as a parent in 2020

Battling burnout: How to have more fun as a p...

To my husband, it was a normal, sunny Saturday morning in September. We were all packed up for a day trip to the lake?probably one of the last beach days of the year. Both kids were finally buckled into their car seats, after the usual... -
Highgate School: Social Mobility

Highgate School: Social Mobility

Headmaster Adam Pettitt talks about the London school’s Chrysalis Partnership Programme and how it changed the lives of local students Highgate School in north London works hard to make a difference to the lives of thousands of children across... -
Jennifer Love Hewitt apologizes for her "hot mess" red carpet look

Jennifer Love Hewitt apologizes for her "...

by Sara McGinnis posted in Parenting "I just have to apologize for how wrecked I look in all the pictures that have come out," are the words -
This is what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby will look like

This is what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle&#...

Looks like we have another royal wedding in our future, and you know what that means: more ROYAL BABIES. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have only just announced their engagement, he did say in their engagement interview that “We?ll start a... -
7 postpartum realities you can't warn new moms enough about

7 postpartum realities you can't warn ne...

by Becky Vieira posted in Pregnancy Before I gave birth my biggest concerns were what would happen in the delivery room and how to keep my son alive once we got home. I also worried about sleep deprivation, but reassured myself that in a pinch I... -
17 creepiest baby shower cakes

17 creepiest baby shower cakes

var minSharesToShow = "2"; var shareUrl = ""; var ajaxUrl = ""; jQuery( document... -
This is the screen-time contract I?m getting my kids to sign

This is the screen-time contract I?m getting ...

When my daughter was born 12 years ago, iPads didn?t exist, and I had only recently, begrudgingly, purchased a flip phone. At the time, I never could have imagined how much of my parenting would revolve around smartphones, tablets, apps and social... -

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