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As an Indigenous woman, I was scared to have my baby in a ho

Editor’s note: The following birth story is compelling, raw and emotional. It does contain some graphic details related to childbirth and delivery-r...
10-07-2020 21:48

Yes, Disney is still opening this weekend?here’s what

Walt Disney World is set to reopen its doors to guests starting this weekend, and like many Disney fans across the globe, we bet you want to see what ...
09-07-2020 21:47

The infant-swing danger most parents don’t know about

Helen MacLeod struggled to get her first baby to fall and stay asleep, for months on end. ?She was up every 45 to 90 minutes almost every night for he...
09-07-2020 21:47

Why are sitcom dads still so incompetent"

Photo: Scott Vandehey via Flickr Creative Commons From Homer Simpson to Phil Dunphy, sitcom dads have long been known for being bumbling and inept. Bu...
09-07-2020 21:47

Don?t worry, your child?s learning doesn?t stop just because

At childcare and preschool, children experience belonging to a community and engage actively with their learning. They also collaborate in groups, whi...
08-07-2020 21:47

“Sorry, she thinks she’s a cat”? why some

Most of us aren?t in the habit of taking our family cat on neighbourhood outings. But for several months leading up to my daughter?s third birthday, w...
07-07-2020 21:53

Is your kid suddenly asking big, impossible questions"

Why do people have to die" Are mistakes always bad" Can you be happy and sad at the same time" Kids often ask questions like these that are hard if no...
07-07-2020 21:53

Does your kid still wake up in the night" This could be

For some parents, getting their child into bed is a struggle that can take hours. Others get up at midnight to help their child fall back to sleep. Sl...
06-07-2020 21:52

Microban 24 Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Sanitizing Spray and Bath

For busy, working parents with families to keep safe, keeping a disinfected and sanitized home is more important than ever, and so is having an arsena...
01-07-2020 21:46

Kids, we’re moving in with Grandma

In June 2018, Carrie Seaton* was paying close to $2,500 a month in child care for her two kids. She and her husband faced a one-and-a-half-hour commut...
01-07-2020 21:46

How I decided to send my daughter to camp

Yesterday morning, I sent our daughter to camp. It was the first time I’d packed her a lunch in over four months?and it felt great. Yet, arriving at...
30-06-2020 21:46

5 sweet ways for dad to bond with baby

David Gee says that when his son, Jackson, arrived, his main thought was ?I hope I don?t mess this up.? Gee, who was working full-time, devoted all th...
29-06-2020 21:54

Will your kids be friends as adults"

Michelle McIvor can?t remember a time when she wasn?t playmates or friends with her brother. Growing up in Edmonton, the siblings, who are three years...
29-06-2020 21:54

Ontario’s back-to-school plan ignores a glaringly obvi

?Wait, what the @#%* do they do on the no-school days"?  I practically yelled this at my computer screen as I was reading the latest news about the sc...
29-06-2020 21:54

Kristen Bell reveals how she FINALLY got her five-year-old o

Last time Today?s Parent spoke to Kristen Bell, she was in Toronto announcing the launch of, the Canadian site for her baby-care line, H...
29-06-2020 21:54

Binge-watch after bedtime: What’s coming to Netflix Ca

ARASHI’s Diary -Voyage- Episodes 9 & 10 As the new coronavirus’s spread impacts the world, the five members of Arashi explore what they can do to ...
29-06-2020 21:54

?We decided to divorce?then the lockdown happened”

I make $150,000 a year, but my husband has me on a monthly allowance: $400 a month to spend on myself. If, say, I go $60 over, I start the next month ...
29-06-2020 21:54

Guess there won’t be a pandemic baby boom after all

Back in March, while much of the world was sourdough bread-making and hosting Zoom cocktail parties, jokes about a spike in births come 2021 began cir...
26-06-2020 21:48

What does a ?normal? vagina look like, anyway"

I never gave much thought to my vagina?s appearance?until my lady bits endured major trauma after childbirth, that is. That?s when I had an inkling th...
25-06-2020 21:48

This shocking video shows a swimming instructor tossing a ba

It’s officially summer, otherwise known as pool season! If you’re fortunate enough to have access to your own pool, a friend’s pool or your loca...
25-06-2020 21:48

Here’s what daycare looks like during coronavirus

Denise Shepherd is a registered early childhood educator who has been working with the YMCA of Greater Toronto for 13 years. When the YMCA opened emer...
25-06-2020 21:48

What to do when your toddler hates their high chair

It happened with both our kids: At around 12 months, until about 19 months, they just wouldn?t stay at the dinner table. Sometimes they yanked at the ...
25-06-2020 21:48

I love my newborn?but I miss my dog

The first time my mom came over to babysit my newborn daughter for a couple hours, I guess I should have showered or napped, but all I wanted to do wa...
25-06-2020 21:48
25-06-2020 21:48

When to switch your kid from a car seat to a booster

Leslie Boyle thought long and hard about whether her oldest son, Carter, then five years old, should make the switch from a forward-facing car seat to...
25-06-2020 21:48

Awww! 8 sweet kids reveal what they’ve loved about bei

While parents may be entirely over being stuck at home, for some kids, it’s been a catalyst to gain a fresh perspective on life and family. Here, ei...
25-06-2020 21:48

Updated: 25 reusable cloth masks for kids

As the wearing of non-medical grade masks slowly becomes part of the new normal, it’s important to find a mask that’s designed to fit smaller face...
25-06-2020 21:48

10 kids? movies and shows that are new on Netflix Canada in

Netflix Canada has announced which new TV shows and movies it will be adding to its lineup next month, and of course that means, more options for kids...
25-06-2020 21:48

What to expect if your kid gets coronavirus

The coronavirus known as COVID-19 is now spreading around the world, with cases in more than 60 countries. While experts initially hoped we?d only get...
02-03-2020 21:50

12 new baby and kid products our editors are loving this mon

Our inboxes are flooded with the latest and greatest in new parenting products every day. From exciting new toys and clever innovations for baby to to...
02-03-2020 21:50

13 cute diaper cakes you can make in your living room

There are a lot of things about having a baby that are expensive, and diapers are definitely one of them since newborns tend to go through way more of...
28-02-2020 21:49

Party games for kids: 12 simple games to make any birthday a

Birthday parties have become increasingly elaborate over the years, but one thing has remained a constant: You?ve got to find a way to keep all those ...
28-02-2020 21:49

Hey grandparents, get off your iPad when the kids are around

When Kate Paulson?s* mother comes over to visit, she and her grandchildren typically watch a movie together. But about a year ago Paulson noticed that...
28-02-2020 21:49

The CRA may owe you money from years ago?and now there?s an

Kids are expensive, so no matter what your current financial situation is, any extra money that you weren’t expecting is a good news story. And now,...
28-02-2020 21:49

7 tips for a family-friendly winter trip to New Hampshire?s

I grew up in New Hampshire, and we go back every Christmas to celebrate the holidays with the grandparents, but we rarely get to play tourist in my ow...
28-02-2020 21:49

What parents and pregnant women need to know as the coronavi

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to spread, and has now infected more than 80,000 people worldwide. While most of those cases are in China, out...
27-02-2020 21:48

5 best carriers and wraps for plus-size parents who want to

Mia O’Malley, founder of @Plussizebabywearing on Instagram, Sling: @Nalakai_co, Photo: @LindsayDonnellyPhoto Carriers with lots of straps and buckle...
27-02-2020 21:48

Can weaning your baby cause maternal depression"

A year into nursing my third son, I went to feed him for the millionth time and the strangest thing happened: I was overcome with the almost nauseatin...
26-02-2020 21:50

Special needs parents: Here?s how to make sure your other ki

Once my daughter began crawling, it was obvious that she wanted to be around her brother?the more he laughed at her antics, the happier she became. Su...
26-02-2020 21:50

What is obstetric violence?and could it have happened to you

Natalie Benanti* was 39 weeks and five days pregnant with her first child when she went in for her last scheduled obstetric appointment. Her usual OB ...
25-02-2020 21:54

22 kids? movies and shows that are new on Netflix Canada in

Netflix Canada has announced which new TV shows and movies it will be adding to its lineup next month, and of course that means, more options for kids...
25-02-2020 21:54

Yes, graphic novels count as ‘real’ reading

Until last year, Kevin Yu?s now 8-year-old daughter, Olive, wasn?t really into reading books for pleasure. But then, Olive discovered the graphic nove...
25-02-2020 21:54

Your desire for your kid to achieve could be majorly affecti

When Kate Dunkin?s* daughter was five and started a competitive dance program, she was happy for her?she could see that she was having a blast and was...
24-02-2020 21:54

What’s new on Disney+ for kids and families in March 2

New content is coming to Disney+! The streaming service from Disney has announced which new TV shows and movies will be added to its lineup next month...
21-02-2020 21:50

I ditched Toronto for an affordable, idyllic small town?but

I remember the moment distinctly. My three-year-old son was on my husband?s shoulders watching a man swallow a flame. It was his birthday, and this wa...
21-02-2020 21:50

I’m a rage cleaner?it’s my version of therapy

I was 15 the first time I realized the true power of rage cleaning. That day, I had returned from a tenth-grade field trip to find my locker partner m...
20-02-2020 21:49

EXPANDED RECALL: Contigo Kids Water Bottles

Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC), PROFECO and Contigo have expanded their original recall to include near...
20-02-2020 21:49

Home Safety Hotspots

Illustration: Anoosha Syed 1. Keep all toxic cleaning supplies and other chemical-based products out of reach in top drawers and shelves. 2. Use the b...
20-02-2020 21:49

6 things people did (not just said) that made me feel seen a

It?s true what they say?sometimes, there are no words. When I experienced a miscarriage, there was nothing anyone could say to make me feel better. ?I...
20-02-2020 21:49

Can teething actually cause a rash"

A teething baby or toddler usually comes with plenty of drool?and potentially a teething rash, too. Though teething rash is more of a nuisance than an...
19-02-2020 21:51

How to use a basal thermometer

If you?re trying to get pregnant, you?ve probably heard about tracking your basal body temperature (BBT). This refers to your body?s lowest temperatur...
19-02-2020 21:51

I was so judgy about home birth?until I accidentally had one

Photo: Shea Long, Coastal Lifestyles Photography. The contractions started at 5 a.m., as I was getting ready to do my five-minute segment as a beauty ...
19-02-2020 21:51

Kristen Bell uses diaper-rash cream as lip balm?and other th

Photo: Katherine Holland; Creative direction: Sun Ngo; Fashion styling: Nicole Chavez; Hair + makeup: Bridget Brager Kristen Bell always seems to have...
18-02-2020 21:49

Everything you need to know about NIPT: non-invasive prenata

I got pregnant for the first time at 37, and felt as old as time, with a raisin for a womb and a sky-high risk of having a child with genetic abnormal...
18-02-2020 21:49

A new peanut allergy drug was just approved in the U.S.?and

In late January, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a pill called Palforzia, offering a dose of hope for parents of kids with food all...
14-02-2020 21:49

Breath-holding spells: Why some toddlers turn blue and pass

Jessica Farber was picking up her son from daycare the first time he held his breath to the point of losing consciousness. When she went to put on The...
14-02-2020 21:49

The Future PM?s Guide to March Break in Ottawa

.byline { display: none;; } Canada Science and Technology Museum ? Credit: Ingenium Canada?s Museums of Science Are your children smart, cha...
14-02-2020 21:49

Will your kid inherit your phobia"

Thanks to a string of bad childhood experiences, mom-of-two KC Craig is seriously afraid of the dentist. It?s bad enough that she sometimes cries as s...
14-02-2020 21:49

Turns out, the tattoo I got at age 21 was the only parenting

When I was 21, I walked into a tattoo studio in downtown Toronto on a grey spring day to keep an appointment with a man in a sparkly electric-blue apr...
13-02-2020 21:49

14 ways to ease the pain of returning to work after maternit

Returning to work after my mat leave felt like a battle with time as I wished for it to slow down (please stop growing up so quickly!) and speed up (o...
13-02-2020 21:49

Does my child have ringworm"

Does your child have a circular, flaky rash with a raised, red border" There?s a good chance it?s ringworm. While the name is enough to make your skin...
13-02-2020 21:49

9 ways to stop and prevent child bullying

Travis Price was bullied relentlessly as a child. It started in grade one, with kids calling him ?toilet paper? because his initials are TP. By grade ...
13-02-2020 21:49

Here?s why you won?t find baby teething gels on pharmacy she

If you?re looking for baby teething gels at the pharmacy, you may be surprised by what you find?and don?t find?in stock. Orajel, Little Teethers, Anbe...
12-02-2020 21:48

How to be one of those hardcore parents who takes their kids

?Was it indoor recess today"? is a common after-school question at my house. I live in Thunder Bay, Ont., where schools and daycares keep the kids ins...
11-02-2020 21:52

This super honest ad about postpartum life got rejected by t

Every once in a while, a company creates a commercial that doesn’t just feel like an annoying interruption to the show you were watching. Frida Mom ...
10-02-2020 21:53

These are the weirdest things we?ve EVER done (or demanded)

As soon as my water broke with my first child, I started to panic about the mess in my house and insisted that my husband disinfect the bathtub. (And ...
10-02-2020 21:53

How helping my husband discover he?s gay helped me let go

One Saturday morning last fall, my marriage ended before I even had a chance to finish my coffee. Our three kids were clearing the table?an onslaught ...
10-02-2020 21:53

Coronavirus FAQ: Everything parents and pregnant women shoul

It?s impossible to avoid news of the coronavirus outbreak, which so far has infected more than 28,000 people, mostly in China, and killed 565. The med...
07-02-2020 21:48

Freestyle Flex Giveaway

.byline { display: none } .single-article-container { margin-bottom: 0 !important } #privy-container-embed { width: 100%; height: 1...
07-02-2020 21:48

Freestyle Flex Giveaway Contest Rules

CONTEST RULES (the ?Official Rules?) Medela Freestyle Flex Giveaway (the ?Contest?) These Official Rules govern the Contest.  By participating or atte...
07-02-2020 21:48

How to make the hours between 5 and 8 p.m. suck less

There are a lot of factors that can send parents over the edge in those few hours a family spends together between work and bed. Some are longstanding...
06-02-2020 21:50

18 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing

The risk of your kid doing a stupid dare is no longer limited to peer pressure at school. Any child with access to social media can be exposed to thes...
06-02-2020 21:50

Giving birth on your babymoon is the worst-case scenario?and

Before our first child was born, my husband and I figured a ?babymoon? was included in the whole becoming-a-parent deal. (Maybe it?s a millennial pare...
06-02-2020 21:50

Can a sea moss supplement help you get pregnant"

When you?re trying to get pregnant, it?s really tempting to try to tip the scales in your favour any way you can. So, it?s not surprising that when cl...
06-02-2020 21:50

Considering a career switch" These jobs pay well, even

It?s increasingly difficult for Canadians to make a good living. According to a Statistics Canada report released in September 2019, more and more wor...
04-02-2020 21:50

I exclusively pumped?and there’s not enough support fo

By the time my son was two weeks old, I felt like I had been milked by everyone in town. During our three days in hospital I?d been assessed by three ...
04-02-2020 21:50

Whoa! Kylie Jenner created an entire theme park for Stormi&#

If money wasn’t an issue, what kind of birthday party would you throw your kid" Would you get a bouncy castle" A flock of princesses to entertain yo...
03-02-2020 21:53

8 things to love about being pregnant

For most women, pregnancy is not the image of a rosy-cheeked woman, twirling in a floral dress in the middle of a lush meadow. Despite the morning sic...
03-02-2020 21:53

Why you need folic acid during?and before?pregnancy

When you?re pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, you want to do everything you can to make sure your baby is healthy. Part of that includes ...
31-01-2020 21:48

Turns out 37C isn?t normal body temperature after all

In case parents needed to hear another thing we?ve been getting wrong all along, researchers from Stanford University published a study recently that ...
31-01-2020 21:48

The tired mom’s guide to clean beauty

Before Gwyneth Paltrow was touting her goop-approved clean beauty routine, you?d have to make the trek to your local health food stores to find wholes...
30-01-2020 21:54

Is destroying a frozen embryo similar to abortion"

Let me start off by saying that I have always been pro-choice and support laws that allow people to have full reproductive rights, including safe and ...
30-01-2020 21:54

This kid’s song, “Dinosaurs in Love,” will

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a cute kids’ song about dinosaurs who fell in love, ...
30-01-2020 21:54

25 fun Valentine?s Day gifts for kids

For many kids, February 14th is just another day to eat treats and make heart-shaped crafts. This year, show them some extra love with one of these fu...
29-01-2020 21:52

How a post-holiday winter getaway helped us start the new ye

Recently, our crew managed to get away for a little bit of luxury and a whole lot of play at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  I expected i...
29-01-2020 21:52

3 fun crafts made from recycled materials

“In our house, a box has become an airplane, and a piece of cardboard has been transformed into a sword and shield,” says Kimberly McLeod, author ...
28-01-2020 21:52

What’s so wrong with wanting to lose the baby weight&q

Growing up in 1990s diet culture, I understood there was a formula for beauty: Flat stomach + thin legs + clear skin + big boobs. But like many girls,...
28-01-2020 21:52

How to do Universal Orlando Resort with kids

Your kids are begging you to take them to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so now you’ve found yourself planning a trip to Universal Orlando Res...
28-01-2020 21:52

Binge-watch after bedtime: What?s new on Netflix Canada in F

Amit Tandon: Family Tandoncies From the death of romance in marriage to the injustices of modern-day parenting, Amit Tandon shares wisdom and wisecrac...
28-01-2020 21:52

How to watch all your favourite shows and movies in one plac

We?ve come a long way from the days when the entire family huddled around one 20-inch TV screen, feverishly adjusting the bunny ears to get clear rece...
27-01-2020 21:50

25 fun things to do with your kids that don’t cost a l

1. Talk in ?monster voices? together during grumpy drives home from daycare. 2. Show your kids how to do Darth Vader voices into a fan. 3. Slide into ...
27-01-2020 21:50

Is it OK for teens to drink coffee"

When my daughter was around 14 years old, she began to ask if she could have a cup of coffee in the morning like Mom and Dad. As a scientist who studi...
24-01-2020 21:52

I love being a SAHM, but I’m over asking my husband fo

My first memory around money is my mom telling me that if my dad asked if my outfit was new, I should say no, even if it was. My dad worked and made t...
24-01-2020 21:52

Why is anemia in babies and children such a big deal"

Anemia means that your blood doesn?t have enough red blood cells. These red blood cells contain hemoglobin, a substance that carries and delivers need...
23-01-2020 21:53

Your pregnancy: 3 weeks

If you?re reading this, your world is probably feeling a little off-kilter right now. ?I?m pregnant" Really"!? The majority of women don?t know they?r...
23-01-2020 21:53

9 kids? movies and shows that are new on Netflix Canada in F

Netflix Canada has announced which new TV shows and movies it will be adding to its lineup in the new year, and of course that means, more options for...
23-01-2020 21:53

How to finally go green at home this year

“We must change almost everything in our current societies. The bigger your carbon footprint, the bigger your moral duty. The bigger your platform, ...
22-01-2020 21:49

Is a keto diet safe for kids"

The keto diet is one of the biggest diet trends?thanks in part to celebrity proponents like Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, LeBron James, and Kourtney K...
22-01-2020 21:49

Can?t I be a parent?and a politician"

Joe Cressy is a Toronto city councillor for Spadina-Fort York and the chair of Toronto?s Board of Health. I always knew I wanted to be a parent. But w...
22-01-2020 21:49

Coronavirus: What parents need to know

What we know about coronavirus right now The new coronavirus?also known as 2019-nCoV?which is believed to have jumped from animals to humans in Wuhan,...
22-01-2020 21:49

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A Fun and Festive December

A Fun and Festive December

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