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Here?s what each political party is promising for child care

The pandemic triggered Canada?s first ?she-cession,? where women lost the majority of the employment?particularly lower-earning women, who also may be...
17-09-2021 21:46

We’re always told to give kids choices?but here’

?Shall we read Curious George"? I ask my toddler. We?re in the middle of lunch, but reading has become a necessary distraction for her active and loit...
17-09-2021 21:46

Two skincare products that have made my family?s skin feel i

Created for  Bioderma Atoderm?s cleansing oil and ultra-soothing balm were great for dry, atopic skin for anyone older than six months, and I knew w...
16-09-2021 21:48

Should you ask to be induced at 39 weeks pregnant"

Amanda Selk went into labour for all three of her children at 39 weeks. They were easy deliveries?uncomplicated and under eight hours. The only major ...
15-09-2021 21:53

Here’s what you should know about babywearing and cult

Modern baby carriers that we see and use today are based on traditional baby carriers that have been used all around the world for hundreds of thousan...
14-09-2021 21:47

Which MadeGood snack will your kid love the most"

Created for  MadeGood snack suits your kid?s style. The post Which MadeGood snack will your kid love the most" appeared first on Today's Pa...
13-09-2021 21:49

This federal election, I?m voting for child care?here?s why

Canada has never been closer to having an accessible, affordable child care system. Eight provinces and territories have signed deals with the Trudeau...
13-09-2021 21:49

How to wean a stubborn baby

Weaning my first baby was easy. I caught a stomach virus from his daycare when he was 16 months old, spent two miserable days hugging the toilet, and ...
10-09-2021 21:50

Can you overfeed a baby"

By the time my daughter was a few weeks old, anyone who picked her up knew to first grab a blanket and take cover. She spit up constantly, which I had...
09-09-2021 21:47

I was convinced my baby was switched at birth

In the months after my second baby was born, I would often look back at the photos from the first time I held him. The nurse had just placed his warm,...
09-09-2021 21:47

4 ways to prepare your preschooler for reading

The process of learning to read starts long before kids actually sound out letters on a page. Here’s how parents can lay the ground work and help ki...
08-09-2021 21:49

Is it time to try for a second baby"

My sister has always been a planner. After giving birth to her first son, she timed things precisely so there?d be a three-year age gap between him an...
08-09-2021 21:49

I?m a kindergarten teacher and the way I’ve been teach

Every September, my class of kindergarten kids look at me in excitement. They don?t know it, but this is the year they?ll start learning to read: lear...
02-09-2021 21:48

9 times you should definitely take your kid to the ER

When Natalie Romero’s daughter was sick with a stuffy nose, fever and a cough, she brought her to the emergency department?while second guessing her...
02-09-2021 21:48

How to combat dry skin this fall and winter

Created for  Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Oil, which gently cleanses the skin and provides instant hydration for up to 24 hours without that greasy fe...
01-09-2021 21:51

5 reasons eggs are the perfect food for any meal

Created for  hard-boiled, scrambled, or mixed into everything from lunch to recipes specifically geared toward babies you can try! Check out the gal...
01-09-2021 21:51

How to help prevent potentially serious pneumococcal bacteri

Created for Stay on schedule with your baby?s vaccinations?even during COVID Early on in the pandemic, doctors worried that p...
01-09-2021 21:51

How to deal when your baby has their days and nights mixed u

Caitlin Chartier?s three babies had a lot in common?they all walked early and hated peas. They also all struggled with day/night confusion (sometimes ...
01-09-2021 21:51

I thought moving in with the grandparents during the pandemi

For much of the pandemic, while without childcare and school, we left our city apartment and went to my parents? house in the suburbs to stay for an i...
31-08-2021 21:45

5 ways to make sure your kid is getting enough fruit and veg

Created for  MadeGood granola bar, which tucks vegetable extracts from spinach, broccoli, carrots and other vegetables into its delicious snacks. (A...
31-08-2021 21:45

Make back-to-school eating easy for everyone with Evive

Created for  Evive! Combining ease and simplicity with wholesome, nutritious ingredients, Evive?s smoothie and meal cubes are not only super-fast an...
31-08-2021 21:45

Back-to-school as the Delta variant spreads: How great is th

?Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.? That folk saying seems apt as parents, children and teachers brace for the new school year. On Aug. 18, th...
27-08-2021 21:50

How Osmo can prepare your kids for back-to-school

Created for  Genius Starter Kit ($139), perfect for STEAM learning. Made for kids ages six to 10, it comes with the base tablet stand and camera ref...
27-08-2021 21:50

These are the richest babies on Instagram

It’s no secret that parents love sharing pics of their kids on Instagram (if you’re not already following our IG, you should!). However, instead o...
27-08-2021 21:50

8 ways to connect with your kid after school

At the end of a long school day, a lot of kids need a transition period that offers reassurance and connection?maybe this year more than ever. For som...
26-08-2021 21:47

How to handle an overstepping mother-in-law

When Linda James was pregnant with her first baby, a boy who is now four, her mother-in-law, who lives in the United States, seemed benevolent and exc...
26-08-2021 21:47

How to tell your child they have autism

Raelene Dundon will never forget the day she realized it was time to tell her preschool son he was autistic.* When they were visiting her eldest son?s...
26-08-2021 21:47
26-08-2021 21:47

How to make sure your kid’s mask protects them against

Pandemic mask-wearing has always been important, but when it comes to protecting against the Delta variant Earl Rubin, director of Montreal Children?s...
24-08-2021 21:54

5 ways to make sure your morning routine works for back to s

As a mom of four, I know just how hard it can be to get everyone out the door on time without any shouting or meltdowns?especially after the long, laz...
23-08-2021 21:50

mRNA technology and its significant potential to improve hum

Created for Mediaplanet This article was made possible with support from ModernaTx Messenger ribonucleic acid ( To those with safety concerns, Dr. I...
23-08-2021 21:50

6 ways to fix your kid?s bad posture

About a year ago, Toronto mom Shira Blum* finally decided to do something about her seven-year-old daughter?s gait. ?Yael had always walked a little f...
23-08-2021 21:50

Using this TikTok horse-face filter on babies isn?t funny?it

If you’ve followed us here on Today’s Parent for a while now, you probably know that we aren’t huge fans of pranks that intentionally make your ...
23-08-2021 21:50

Watch Gabrielle Union teach her two-year-old about body posi

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are devoted parents who have been teaching Kaavia, their two-year-old daughter, how to live her very best life. And th...
20-08-2021 21:48

Why play is important for baby development

In partnership with Official Play Young crawlers will be fascinated by this gentle, encouraging toy that moves and buzzes. ...
18-08-2021 21:47

8 easiest ways to remember your kid’s cutest childhood

The way your daughter says “am-blee-ance” instead of “am-bu-lance.” The way your son puts his hands on your cheeks when he kisses you. The coo...
18-08-2021 21:47

15 packaged snacks that are perfect for back to school

Packaged Snacks 21 Packaged Snacks 21 ...
18-08-2021 21:47

Today’s Parent and Mastermind Toys Fall Instagram Cont

CONTEST RULES  (the ?Official Rules?) MASTERMIND TOYS FALL CONTEST (the ?Contest?)  These Official Rules govern the Contest.  By participating or atte...
18-08-2021 21:47

Will the national child-care plan survive the Canadian elect

It feels like we?ve been here before: on the brink of finally achieving a national child-care program in Canada?and then a snap election called for Se...
18-08-2021 21:47

How to easily incorporate healthy snacks into kids? routines

Created for  SunRype juice beverages. Our favourite choice from SunRype has 60% less sugar than regular 100% juice and has a great taste that our k...
18-08-2021 21:47

4 types of kids who?ll love Stonyfield Organic Kids drinkabl

Created for  your local supermarket! Trademarks are owned or used under license by Lactalis Canada, Toronto, ON, M9C 5J1. ©2021 Lactalis Canada. All...
18-08-2021 21:47

Why it?s important to have your kids help in the kitchen

Created for The post Why it?s important to have your kids help in the kitchen appeared first on Today's Parent....
17-08-2021 21:49

How to help your kid keep their school jitters in check

Heading back to school can bring out some big emotions?and that?s OK. We asked Deanne Simms, a Toronto-based registered clinical and health psychologi...
17-08-2021 21:49

6 ways to get the most out of your baby monitor

Created for Available at, $199.99, as well as Babies R Us and Best Buy. VTech DM1211 Enhanced Range Digital Audio Monitor Everything you n...
17-08-2021 21:49

Everything you need to know about growing pains in kids

At first, Laurie Sharp thought her son just wanted some extra attention at night. At about six years old, he started complaining about leg pains a few...
17-08-2021 21:49

I can?t believe back-to-school is even scarier and more stre

Earlier this year, I was feeling incredibly optimistic. The end of the pandemic looked like it might actually be in sight, as vaccines were rolled out...
17-08-2021 21:49

Why these contact lenses might be the solution to your child

Created for  MiSight® 1 day contact lenses are easy to use, daily-wear single-use soft contacts, which are disposed of at the end of each day. They?...
16-08-2021 21:50
13-08-2021 21:48

This is how I’m redoing my baby registry the second ti

When pregnant with my first child, my partner and I dutifully put together a baby registry by carefully studying the plethora of available products th...
13-08-2021 21:48

How to buy a laptop for kids

Back to school shopping can be fun: adorable outfits, colourful notebooks, and a coordinating backpack and pencil case for all those supplies. But as ...
13-08-2021 21:48

9 signs you have a highly sensitive kid

When you hear the phrase ?highly sensitive? used to refer to a child, you might imagine a kid who cries at the slightest provocation. But parents of h...
12-08-2021 21:51

The most painfully accurate memes about the Delta variant ru

We’re all feeling so uncertain about what this autumn is going to look like as cases rise and the new school year looms, but you know what they sayâ...
12-08-2021 21:51

24 best kids’ water bottles for back to school

Water Bottles 21 Water Bottles 21 ...
12-08-2021 21:51
10-08-2021 21:47

Can 15 minutes a day fix your kid’s behaviour"

I dreaded bedtime with my seven- and five-year-old daughters. Specifically, nagging to get them in the bath. Followed by breaking up naked dance parti...
10-08-2021 21:47

My 8-year-old is tall and beautiful, but her self-worth is s

Like many big babies, our daughter entered the world through a door, and not a tunnel. An emergency C-section culminated in a kind of obstetrical pupp...
09-08-2021 21:47

Surprise! Princess Charlotte cradles a butterfly in a sweet

Prince William and Kate surprised fans with a new pic of Princess Charlotte today, for a very important cause. The royal parents posted the sweet snap...
07-08-2021 21:47

When to worry about your kid’s facial and body tics

Watching your kid make repetitive movements or sounds can be concerning for a parent. Here’s what you need to know about tics in kids?what they are,...
06-08-2021 21:49

Does your kid need a multivitamin"

Kids need certain nutrients to grow and develop, and it can be pretty stressful for parents to watch their kids eat and wonder if they?re getting enou...
06-08-2021 21:49

This badass Toronto doctor is getting her own Barbie

Barbie has been one of the most popular toys for young girls since the doll was first introduced in 1959. And while kids around the world have played ...
05-08-2021 21:48

What is night weaning, and how do you do it"

Carrie Ford-Jones is now a mom to eight kids (including 10-month-old triplets!). But when she had her very first child, Dylan, she was determined to d...
04-08-2021 21:51

Kristen Bell’s philosophy on bathing kids" ?Wait

When Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher joined Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast last week, the couple caused a stink after admitting to not bathi...
04-08-2021 21:51

Here’s all the free baby stuff you can get in Canada

Babies may be tiny bundles of joy, but they sure do need a lot of products?and some expensive ones at that! From diapers to formulas to hygiene produc...
03-08-2021 21:51

Can I be a great mom and not lose myself in the process"

My mom doted on me and my sisters endlessly when we were kids. Her life revolved around us. I have very little sense of who she was as a person outsid...
03-08-2021 21:51

Today’s Parent is now available on Apple News+

If you love magazines, you should get to know Apple News+. Think of it as a digital journalism buffet, an all-access pass to all your favourite magazi...
30-07-2021 21:54

Kristen Bell’s daughter’s name is a ?big, big bu

Naming your child can feel like a monumental task. Among other things, you wonder how the perception of the name might change over the years. Parents ...
29-07-2021 21:50
29-07-2021 21:50

7 tips for creating a shared bedroom your kids will love

Like many other families, we noticed that after the pandemic hit, our home was no longer running at its best. Our small Victorian row house was sudden...
29-07-2021 21:50

Can headphones really cause hearing loss in kids"

Between online schooling, downtime gaming and binge watching Netflix, many kids have spent much of the past year with an added artificial appendage: h...
29-07-2021 21:50

Why dads in Canada are more involved in raising their kids t

Thirty-five years ago, Canadian and American dads were doing a similar amount of child rearing, relative to mothers. Surveys from the mid 1980s showed...
29-07-2021 21:50

My kid called me ?Mad Mommy? again?and she was right

The following is excerpted from The Mom Babes: A Motherhood Anthology. My daughter called me Mad Mommy. Again. I was filled with rage. I had the same ...
28-07-2021 21:51

We tried family camp?here’s what we learned

I’d never heard of family camp before we were invited to try it out this summer. Turns out, plenty of traditional overnight camps offer ?Family Camp...
27-07-2021 21:50

21 (fun!) cake-worthy parenting achievements

Created for  and stock up on all your favourite Deep?n Delicious cakes at your local grocery store. The post 21 (fun!) cake-worthy parenting achiev...
27-07-2021 21:50

What parents need to know about Canada’s expected RSV

As if parents don’t already have enough to worry about with COVID-19, doctors are now warning about another virus that should be on our radar this s...
26-07-2021 21:48

39 celebrities who are helping normalize breastfeeding

Photo Gallery Celebrities on breastfeeding ...
23-07-2021 21:50

8 amazing kids’ movies and shows coming to Netflix Can

Netflix Canada has announced which new TV shows and movies will be joining the lineup next month and, of course, that means more options for kids! The...
23-07-2021 21:50

Teaching your kid mindful breathing can help ease their tant

My two-and-a-half year old shrieked and stomped, tears welling like tiny rainclouds ready to burst. Her dad was trying to put on her snowsuit. ?Mommy ...
23-07-2021 21:50

The Tokyo Olympics will be a game-changer for athlete moms

In March, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee announced that the Tokyo Games would be the ?first gende...
22-07-2021 21:51

This new tool can block baby ads for grieving parents

We’ve all searched a product online only to be targeted by similar ads for weeks to come, and while seeing the hair dryer you recently googled is an...
22-07-2021 21:51

Prince George looks just like dad in his 8th birthday photo

Happy birthday, Prince George! In keeping with their tradition of releasing new photos of the kids to mark their birthdays, Prince William and Kate sh...
22-07-2021 21:51

This is the best way to introduce allergens to babies

As a paediatric allergist I am constantly answering questions from friends, relatives, patients and colleagues about introducing allergens to babies. ...
21-07-2021 21:50

21 books to help kids deal with their big feelings

Photo Gallery Big Feelings Books ...
20-07-2021 21:49

Why outdoor spaces should be part of every early learning pr

Bilateral negotiations are underway to move the historic federal commitment to a Canada-wide early learning and child-care system from vision to reali...
20-07-2021 21:49

Blake Lively calls out how ?f*cking scary’ it is when

While celebrities choose a life in the spotlight, their children don’t?and yet, ruthless paparazzi are constantly trying to snap photos of these inn...
19-07-2021 21:54

5 reasons that TikTok baby bib hack makes zero sense

We’ve seen countless baby hacks and trends pop up on social media over the years (and still sometimes find ourselves debating whether ‘cheesing’...
19-07-2021 21:54

Here’s why you need a postpartum plan

You?ve taken a prenatal class, packed your hospital bag and installed the carseat. You?re all set and ready to meet your baby! But have you thought ab...
16-07-2021 21:52

Starting daycare during COVID" Here’s what parent

All week leading up to my 15-month-old son?s first day of daycare, we watched a video tour of the centre every night at bedtime. This ritual pacified ...
16-07-2021 21:52

Moderna expanding into Canada, building on already prominent

Created by Mediaplanet This article was made possible with support from ModernaTx Moderna is rapidly growing from a small company to global scale an...
15-07-2021 22:01

Here’s how much you could save with the new child care

Earlier this year, the federal government released the 2021 budget?including a promising new plan to cut child care costs in most provinces by 50% by ...
15-07-2021 22:01

Why you should try babywearing and how to do it

Toronto?s Allie Dennis requested a stretchy wrap and a buckle carrier when she was creating her baby registry. But once her son was born, she found sh...
14-07-2021 21:55

I wanted my kids to be closer in age, but three miscarriages

When you get pregnant on your first try and carry that baby to term with no problems, you naturally assume that when you decide to try for the second,...
14-07-2021 21:55

All the new terms and acronyms to know when dealing with sec

I had always imagined an age gap of 18 months or two years between my kids, but the struggle to conceive our second baby took years. As the age gap gr...
12-07-2021 21:53

7 ways pandemic parenting felt like postpartum all over agai

Though my postpartum years were certainly filled with milk-drunk smiles and adorable baby snuggles, they’re not a time I wanted to revisit once my k...
12-07-2021 21:53

Everything you need to know about secondary infertility

Vidya Ledsham was still hooked up to an IV in the hospital, recovering from the C-section delivery of her son, when she asked her doctor when she and ...
08-07-2021 21:52

YMCA Wanakita Family Lodge Contest Rules

.width { max-width: 1025px; } .page-title { text-align: center; } .page-subtitle { text-align: center; margin: 0em 0em 1.5em 0em; ...
08-07-2021 21:52

A new SickKids study proves it: It?s essential that schools

Throughout the past year and a half, parents have been worried about if and how the pandemic will affect their kids long-term.  Is all the extra scree...
08-07-2021 21:52

What is ?container baby syndrome,? and do I really have to w

The inverted metal V in the middle of my living room separated my life as a parent into two eras: the before-Jolly Jumper times, and after. Before-JJ,...
08-07-2021 21:52

YMCA Wanakita Family Lodge Contest

#privy-signupform { width: 100%; height: 3500px; border: 0; } @media (min-width: 480px) { #privy-signupform { height: 2800px; } }...
08-07-2021 21:52

My instincts during my unplanned home birth were a total sur

After years of unexplained infertility, four miscarriages, and one healthy, beautiful baby boy, my daughter revealed herself as a follicle growing ins...
07-07-2021 21:56

Donating my vaccinated breastmilk gave me hope during lockdo

I love maternity leave, but staying home during a pandemic with my baby and preschooler for more than a year left me with a weird sense of nearly-cons...
06-07-2021 21:53

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Coronavirus: Home Schooling ? Less is More

Coronavirus: Home Schooling ? Less is More

Based on the experiences of the last few weeks, Ben Evans, Headmaster at Edge Grove Prep School in Hertfordshire, believes that remote learning must be viewed as a marathon and not a sprint. As remote learning continues to become the new ?normal?... -
Is space-saving baby gear worth it"

Is space-saving baby gear worth it"

by Sabrina Garibian posted in Products Is space-saving baby gear worth it" Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! I\'m so over the baby junk taking up half of my garage, my whole family room, and the baby\'s room. I think I would have a million... -
12 ways a new puppy is a lot like a new baby

12 ways a new puppy is a lot like a new baby

by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories Apparently it\'s National Puppy Day. When our dog, her name is Birdie, was a new puppy I couldn\'t get over how much it felt as if we had a baby in the house again. I realize this comparison drives some... -
Just like mom and dad, these kids are rocking tattoo sleeves and more

Just like mom and dad, these kids are rocking...

by Sara McGinnis posted in Parenting Forget the butterflies, tiger faces and spiderman masks, airbrush tattoo artist Vicky McAdams is making headlines for helping kids rock sleeves just like their parents do. Take a look: "They are... -
Emmy Rossum Net Worth – How Much Does Fiona Earn"

Emmy Rossum Net Worth – How Much Does F...

Emmy Rossum is an American actress, television director, but also a singer-songwriter. Her two signature roles are in the movie The Phantom of the Opera and the television show Shameless. Portraying Fiona Gallagher in Shameless brought millions to... -
Get your moms' group bingo card right here

Get your moms' group bingo card right he...

by Maggie Downs posted in Life Ah, moms\' groups on Facebook. We know them, we love them, we couldn\'t survive without them. We also grit our teeth at them, screenshot some of the comments and show our other friends, because WHAAAT"" I... -
Hot nursing bras for sexy new moms

Hot nursing bras for sexy new moms

by Joyce Slaton posted in Products & Prizes Nursing a baby is great, it\'s wonderful, but sometimes it can make you feel a lot like a droopy ol\' cow, mooing stridently as you stumble into the barn to fit your tired dugs into the milking... -
13 family-friendly Airbnbs in Toronto

13 family-friendly Airbnbs in Toronto

Heading to Toronto" The city?s social calendar is jam-packed with family-friendly events and attractions to keep you and your little adventurers happily entertained. Skip the high season hotels prices by snuggling up in one of these cozy Airbnb?s... -
Hey, dads! Are you ready for your daughter’s first period"

Hey, dads! Are you ready for your daughter...

Illustration: Celina Parente “Dad! I’m dying!” There was an echo to my voice because I was looking down into the toilet bowl while yelling. I was 12 years old, and I had no idea what was happening to me?I had never made the toilet water turn... -

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