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8 cool subscription boxes for kids

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15-08-2018 21:46

10 family-friendly Airbnbs in Chicago

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15-08-2018 21:46

Nuna Pipa Lite

This ultra-light infant car seat really holds its own: With a carrier that weighs just 5.3 pounds, the Nuna Pipa Lite is easy to tote around, high-qua...
15-08-2018 21:46

Shortly after my son was born, the panic attacks started

Photo: Kelly Boutsalis My first panic attack happened while I was browsing shelving units at Ikea. I was shaking, my leg kept banging into my seven-mo...
15-08-2018 21:46

What are my chances of having twins or multiples"

If you?ve looked around lately, it might seem like everyone is having twins, from Hollywood celebs (hey, Beyoncé and Amal) to the lady down the street...
15-08-2018 21:46

Summer desserts: 10 sweet treats to beat the heat

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15-08-2018 21:46

Daycare suggested this mom dress her baby more ‘girly&

When it comes to babies, dressing them up according to gender (or rather, assigned sex) can be a tricky subject. A lot of people feel strongly that th...
15-08-2018 21:46

Go ahead, ask me why I?m not breastfeeding

It was 3:20 a.m. and, right on schedule, my five-day-old daughter was wailing in hunger. (It was like clock-work: Every two hours Elaysia-Grace was st...
14-08-2018 21:44

How to prevent morning battles

School mornings can be tough. From waking up to eating breakfast to making sure everyone in the family gets to where they need to be on time, parents ...
14-08-2018 21:44

Little things make a big difference

TRUST YOUR GUT Your family?s overall well being ? physical, mental ? begins in the gut. Put good things in the ones you care about, and good things ...
14-08-2018 21:44

5 ways to transition your kid?s wardrobe from summer to fall

1. Build on favourites. Add simple, warm pieces to their wardrobe that complement their existing go-to looks, like a knit cardigan that matches a tee....
14-08-2018 21:44

How to find the best specialists for a kid with autism

Getting the right speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist on board to help with speech and motor skills is crucial. They need to have th...
14-08-2018 21:44

Back to school: How to create a capsule wardrobe for girls

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14-08-2018 21:44

10 awesome staycation ideas for families

Last summer, we were road warriors?and the year before that, and the year before that. We?ve pretty much hit the road every year since our kids were b...
14-08-2018 21:44

Grocery delivery is my version of self-care

Having a baby makes everything harder. Taking a shower. Cooking dinner. Carrying on a moderately intelligent conversation. And?at least for me?grocery...
14-08-2018 21:44

Is European baby formula really better"

When Toronto mom Alison Zanini* began looking for the optimal formula for her five-month-old son, Jonathan, to help supplement her low milk supply, sh...
14-08-2018 21:44
14-08-2018 21:44

How to create an ADHD treatment plan for your kid

By the time Joan Chand?oiseau was diagnosed with ADHD, she was already an expert in the disorder. Her husband and two of her three children had alread...
13-08-2018 21:45

What rep sports are really doing to kids

Each player on the Leaside Leafs displays an impressive amount of athletic ability and commitment to training. The members of this AAA baseball team (...
11-08-2018 21:47

How to handle the pressure on kids in sports

For young athletes who are just learning about competition, off-the-field parenting can play a big role in shaping how they handle the demands to perf...
11-08-2018 21:47

Is your child at risk for overuse injuries from sports"

One of the troubling implications of early sports specialization is a rise in overuse injuries among young athletes. Here?s everything you need to kno...
11-08-2018 21:47

16 fun backyard games for kids

Sly Fox Choose one of the players to be the fox and have them face away from the rest of the group. The players make a start zone and slowly creep for...
10-08-2018 21:43

5 vegetarian comfort food recipes

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10-08-2018 21:43

Yes, moms are licking their newborns right after birth

When many folks give birth, they say that their motherly instincts kick in instantly (but this doesn’t always happen, so don’t worry if you’re n...
10-08-2018 21:43

Review: Telus Baby Health app

Telus Baby Health app Best for Parents looking for a simple app that effectively tracks their baby\'s health...
09-08-2018 21:45
09-08-2018 21:45
09-08-2018 21:45

Why openness with biological siblings matters for adopted ki

Sara* adopted now five-year-old Devin* as a newborn, and soon after he was born, his biological brothers and sister (who still live with their birth f...
08-08-2018 21:45

How to stop your kid from obsessing over dessert

Kavita Khan?s* three-year old son Michal is always asking for sweet treats. From breakfast through to dinner, he asks for cookies and candy after meal...
08-08-2018 21:45
08-08-2018 21:45

30 best kids’ movies on Netflix Canada

photo: Netflix 1. The Land Before Time This movie is sure to be familiar to you?it?s a childhood classic. Show your little ones The Land Before Time a...
08-08-2018 21:45

Call this hotline and Mickey (and friends) will tell your ki

When it comes time to tell your little one to get ready for bed, it can feel like they’ve suddenly thrown on an imaginary pair of noise-cancelling h...
08-08-2018 21:45

11 yummy recipes using tomato sauce

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07-08-2018 21:52

Serena Williams gets candid about not feeling like a good mo

Mom guilt is a complex cocktail of regret, worry and FOMO that afflicts most?if not all?moms at some point or another, and even being the world’s gr...
07-08-2018 21:52

The terrifying uncertainty of having a child with an illness

Before I had my son, I knew what kind of parent I wanted to be. My husband and I had decided on everything from co-sleeping and TV usage to schooling ...
04-08-2018 21:45
04-08-2018 21:45

What it?s like to hear ?breast is best? when you literally d

?Have you tried breastfeeding yet"? the nurse asked me as I sat with my newborn baby a few hours after giving birth, clutching a bottle of ready-to-fe...
04-08-2018 21:45

The Wiggles’ Emma and Lachy are breaking up and parent

You guys, fruit salad might never taste as yummy yummy again. After just two years of marriage, Emma Watkins and Lachy Gillespie have announced that t...
03-08-2018 21:46

Everything you need to know about over-the-counter painkille

Which over-the-counter pain relievers are OK for kids" Which ones should be avoided" Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are safe for children. Ibuprofen is a...
03-08-2018 21:46

5 ways dads can help with breastfeeding

After my wife had our baby, she began breastfeeding and managed a successful latch several times before we left the hospital. But everything changed t...
03-08-2018 21:46

I dealt with my kid’s anxiety by letting her be anxiou

The first time my daughter suffered a panic attack, she was 11. It was terrifying. She was hyperventilating, gasping for air and shaking uncontrollabl...
03-08-2018 21:46

4 strategies for planning family outings when your kid has A

When her son Eddy was five, Karen Ryan popped into a small grocery store with him. As they passed by a tower of neatly stacked cans of tomatoes, Eddy ...
03-08-2018 21:46
03-08-2018 21:46

13 parenting tips for a better home life when your kid has A

Eight-year-old Éva is constantly challenged at school. An environment in which she?s expected to focus for long periods isn?t ideal for someone who ha...
02-08-2018 21:44

Honeywell Bluetooth Smart Air Purifier, HPA250BC

Everything from pet dander and cooking smells to musty sports equipment and seasonal allergens can wreak havoc on indoor air quality, which, in turn, ...
02-08-2018 21:44

8 things not to say to an older mom with a baby

I’ve spent the last few weeks sifting through egg donor profiles. I am 42 years old, and while I would have loved to marry my soul mate at 27 and gi...
02-08-2018 21:44

10 fresh grain bowl recipes

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02-08-2018 21:44

How I taught my three-year-old daughter to stand up for hers

It?s especially sunny and beautiful on the day that a boy at the local playground shoves my three-year-old in the head. The sun, in fact, is streaming...
02-08-2018 21:44

Honeywell True HEPA Whole Room Air Purifier with Allergen Re

From allergens and odours to pet dander and dust, any number of everyday factors can impact the quality of air in your home?and that can have an impac...
02-08-2018 21:44

These vintage photos remind us all that public breastfeeding

Recently, the internet has been flooded with stories of moms being shamed for breastfeeding in public?it’s truly exhausting that we’re still talki...
01-08-2018 21:44

7 things to never say to a single mom by choice

I?m what’s often called a ?single mom by choice” (SMBC), also sometimes called a ?choice mom.? According to the website Single Mothers by Choice, ...
01-08-2018 21:44

5 golden rules for parenting the siblings of a kid with auti

If your child with autism has siblings, you?re not going to be able to divide your parenting time and attention equally. There?s simply not going to b...
01-08-2018 21:44

What you need to know about pre-eclampsia

Do you wonder why you have your blood pressure taken at each of your prenatal appointments" It?s because doctors and midwives are checking for one of ...
01-08-2018 21:44

Review: Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil

Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil Best for Moms looking for a budget-friendly stretch mark oil To...
01-08-2018 21:44

5 tantrum triggers for preschoolers and how to deal with the

There?s a reason kids freak out over things adults are able to take in stride, and it?s called the frontal lobe?a.k.a. the part of the brain that regu...
01-08-2018 21:44

Everything you need to know about preschool

Sending your little one off to preschool is a major milestone. Before the big day comes, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. We went straight t...
01-08-2018 21:44

To my friends with babies, I’d like to apologize

Dear friend, Ever since you had a baby, our friendship has been in a bit of a rut. For a long time, I thought it was your fault, because as Faith Hill...
31-07-2018 21:45

Review: Purex Baby Soft Laundry Detergent

Purex Baby Soft Laundry Detergent Best for Parents who want a scented baby detergent that\'s still gentle on...
31-07-2018 21:45

How to deal with a moody tween

My 11-year-old, Olivia, lay sobbing in bed after I refused to buy her a pet hedgehog. ?My dreams never come true!? she cried. I thought of her pony, c...
31-07-2018 21:45

What?s the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown"

It?s supposed to be the Happiest Place on Earth, but at Disney California Adventure Park, during the World of Color light show, my son Bennett, then s...
31-07-2018 21:45

10 best splash pads in Mississauga

1. Churchill Meadows Community Common When Sauga heats up, make sure to head down to the splash pad at Churchill Meadows Community Common. It also fe...
30-07-2018 21:46

10 recipes starring raspberries

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30-07-2018 21:46

How to choose the best school for your child with autism

When it comes to education, every parent has hopes, dreams and plans for their child. And every parent of a newly diagnosed child on the spectrum quic...
30-07-2018 21:46

6 reasons to get out your waffle iron

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30-07-2018 21:46

7 simple cucumber recipes

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30-07-2018 21:46

Live Clean Foam Wash: Gentle Moisture and Soothing Oatmeal R

With the amount of work parents have to accomplish day in and day out, selecting a baby wash from a colourful wall of products shouldn’t be a diffic...
28-07-2018 21:48

How to tell your kid you’re pregnant: An age-by-age gu

When I imagined telling my firstborn that I had a baby in my belly and that he was going to be a big brother, I envisioned  an excited squeal, a heart...
28-07-2018 21:48

This latest pic of Beyoncé’s twins is missing one key

While we love a relatable, puts-everything-out-there celeb parent (hi, Chrissy Teigen?we love you!), Beyoncé and Jay-Z are definitely not that. Since ...
27-07-2018 21:44

I shouldn?t compare my kid to others but his BFF is a freaki

My five-year-old son has had the same best friend since nursery school, a lovely little boy I?ll call Billy. Ever since the age of three, my son James...
27-07-2018 21:44

Binge-watch after bedtime: What’s coming to Netflix Ca

August 1: 8 Mile Synopsis: Aspiring hip-hop artist Jimmy views his home, Detroit?s 8 Mile district, as a psychological line that separates him from wh...
27-07-2018 21:44

16 dinner-worthy egg recipes

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.dinner-worthy-egg-recipes a img {...
26-07-2018 21:45

11 kids? movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada in August

Netflix Canada has announced which new kids’ TV shows and movies it will be adding to its lineup in August 2018. Here’s what’s coming up! But fi...
26-07-2018 21:45

Does my child have autism": 10 red flags to watch out f

Diane Munz, a developmental paediatrician in Montreal who has worked with children on the spectrum since 1980, has some straightforward advice about w...
25-07-2018 21:52

I thought worrying could prevent anything bad from happening

In her first month on Earth, we took 1,233 photos of my daughter. Pictures of her yawning or smiling, pictures of her propped on the couch beside the ...
25-07-2018 21:52

I had sex 3 weeks after giving birth

I was so convinced that my vagina would be demolished after childbirth that I spent close to $100 on a makeshift repair kit: plus- size adult diapers,...
24-07-2018 21:47

14 things to do in Barcelona with kids

With its incredible architecture, ever-growing culinary scene and world-class attractions, Barcelona has everything you need to keep the entire family...
24-07-2018 21:47

RECALL: Goldfish Flavour Blasted Xtreme Cheddar Crackers

Campbell Company of Canada is recalling their Pepperidge Farm brand Goldfish Flavour Blasted Xtreme Cheddar Crackers due to a possible salmonella cont...
24-07-2018 21:47

How to teach your kid to safely approach dogs

When he was a preschooler, Bobby Monks?s son, Cam, never had the family?s chocolate lab, Diesel, far from his side. Cam had no fear around dogs?until ...
24-07-2018 21:47

This 4-year-old had the funniest reaction to her dad having

As many parents who’ve potty trained their kids know, getting them to poop (or even pee!) in a toilet takes a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm. Y...
23-07-2018 21:47

10 ways your toddler can help in the kitchen

It?s easy to hand your toddler a tablet or phone to distract them while you to cook dinner. But instead of letting them swipe and tap the time away, h...
23-07-2018 21:47

People seem baffled that my husband is taking paternity leav

I never really talk about my husband. I?ve always tried to uphold the illusion of being young, carefree and single. Just a strong, independent woman w...
23-07-2018 21:47

Some approved food additives are actually dangerous for kids

Pick up any packaged food from a grocery store shelf and you?re bound to find a few strange additives on the ingredients list. But a new policy statem...
23-07-2018 21:47

I wish I had a book like this when I was growing up

When my cousin had her son, I knew exactly what I wanted to bring them as a present. Growing up in Ottawa, I remember falling asleep to stories like L...
23-07-2018 21:47

?You?re STILL nursing"!? and other things to never say

Mothers really can?t win when it comes to feeding their babies. Regardless of what, when, where or how they feed, they?re going to offend someone. And...
23-07-2018 21:47

How to make needles hurt less

My daughter finds needles really painful. What can I do to help" Giving vaccinations is one of the hard parts of what we do as physicians, but they?re...
23-07-2018 21:47

I cut my maternity leave short for a better paying job

I was done with nine to five. It was taxing. It was tiring. The morning rush. The evening apathy. Living for weekends?only to chore it out?was just no...
23-07-2018 21:47

Prince George turns five?see all his best facial expressions

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.prince-george a img { max-widt...
22-07-2018 21:49

The surprising upside to your kid?s brutal temper tantrums

You?re in the middle of the grocery store/preschool parking lot/a nice family brunch, when suddenly your tiny companion transforms into a shrieking, s...
21-07-2018 21:45

7 healthy soup recipes

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.healthy-soup-recipes a img { m...
21-07-2018 21:45

I loved toy guns as a kid, so why am I struggling to let my

I tried to keep my son from seeing a gun, or any depiction of one, for as long as possible. When we did finally happen across a drawing of a rifle jus...
20-07-2018 21:45

Your kid?s joy is not your job

At a recent family get-together, after my mom, a notorious kvetcher, had spent a half-hour complaining about my dad not listening to her, about the in...
20-07-2018 21:45

Why get a dog when you have your neighbour?s dog to keep you

And the friendliest neighbour award goes to?none other than this baby?s new four-legged friend! Chad Nelson recently posted a video on Facebook of his...
20-07-2018 21:45

11 family-friendly Airbnbs in Rome

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ a...
20-07-2018 21:45

31 times Chrissy Teigen was the most relatable celeb mom eve

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.chrissy-teigen-is-the-most-relata...
20-07-2018 21:45

Why do kids cry so much" The science behind sobbing

All mammals produce tears round the clock to make sure their eyes don?t dry out and in response to irritation, but ?psychic? tears?the type produced a...
20-07-2018 21:45

10 things to do in Washington, D.C. with kids

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.10-things-to-do-with-kids-in-wash...
19-07-2018 21:45

These kids’ hilarious sex questions show why early sex

Kids are naturally curious beings, and they don’t tend to filter what they say. So when it comes to learning about sex, you can bet they’d have qu...
19-07-2018 21:45

Philips Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier

For families with allergies and sensitivities to air pollutants, an air purifier can provide better air quality and a more comfortable home environmen...
18-07-2018 21:48

9 cool potty training products that are totally worth trying

/* Mobile breakpoint */ @media screen and (max-width: 769px) { /* Post landing */ .post-landing.rdm-gallery.newer-potty-training-products-wor...
18-07-2018 21:48

The way we talk about motherhood is deeply alienating

I sat frozen in the hard, plastic lecture chair, staring at the blond nurse speaking at the front of the room. ?…And then Mum pushes the rest of the...
18-07-2018 21:48

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Jennifer Garner gets candid about Ben Affleck (& the nanny)

Jennifer Garner gets candid about Ben Affleck...

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Just over six months after shocking fans with news of their plans to split, Jennifer Garner has opened up about her evolving relationship with Ben Affleck. Interestingly, it\'s not only vague, carefully... -
Uncensored photos show the power and beauty of childbirth

Uncensored photos show the power and beauty o...

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Pregnancy Award-winning birth photographer Kayla Gonzales admits that she\'s a childbirth junkie. This may explain why just one week after welcoming her fifth child, she was back at work, with her camera in hand... -
Jessica Alba's Target breastfeeding selfie is for all moms

Jessica Alba's Target breastfeeding self...

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Parenting Finally, a celebrity "mom moment" we can all relate to. Earlier this week, Jessica Alba shared a selfie on her mom-of-three nursing her one-month-old son Hayes, drawing particular attention to her... -
Watch a pregnant pole-dancing mama defy gravity

Watch a pregnant pole-dancing mama defy gravi...

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Pregnancy Austrian model Sandy Poguter has been pole-dancing for fitness for years, so when she discovered she was pregnant she saw no reason to put the hobby on hold. Instead, the now mom-of-two continued her... -
Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid

Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwash...

Washing dishes is a chore, and if you have dry or sensitive skin, it can also be a real pain. Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid is thankfully gentle on skin without compromising on cleaning power. Formulated with colloidal... -
16 products that make life easier for pumping moms

16 products that make life easier for pumping...

by Joyce Slaton posted in Products & Prizes Pumping can be weird, awkward, painful, confusing and panic-inducing. Or it can be just another daily chore that lets you feel like making milk might just be your superpower. What makes the difference"... -
15 signs you?re ready to have a baby

15 signs you?re ready to have a baby

You have an ovulation kit (or five), some baby names in mind and your sister’s old maternity jeans in your closet, but are you really ready to be a mom" Find out if you show the signs. Because if an Internet list says that you are ready to have a... -
#IfMomWroteCandyHearts was the best thing about Valentine's Day

#IfMomWroteCandyHearts was the best thing abo...

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Parenting The language of love: Flowers, chocolates and trending hashtags. I\'m not a big fan of Valentine\'s Day. I\'m all for romance, but I have a thing about spending money on overpriced roses and... -
You have to watch this toddler freak out when her mom gets home

You have to watch this toddler freak out when...

For most of their lives, your kids’ reaction to you coming home will be either an immediate demand for food or no acknowledgement at all. But in their early years, your children are actually super excited to see you. A dad on Reddit captured his... -
Now pregnant moms can register for pizza... no, really

Now pregnant moms can register for pizza... n...

by Melissa Willets posted in Pregnancy When I was pregnant for the first time, I registered for a car seat, a stroller, burp cloths and a baby swing. Apparently, that is so passé. Because now, pregnant moms can register for Domino\'s pizza.... -

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