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Is it safe to make homemade baby formula"

If there?s one way to drive panic into the heart of a new parent, it?s to tell them that the infant formula their baby relies on is suddenly unavailab...
19-05-2022 21:50

This nursing mom took multi-tasking to a whole new level

Nothing is scarier than a mom protecting her child (or, in this case, pet goose). Cait Oakley was nursing her 4-month-old baby at her BC home when som...
19-05-2022 21:50

My ADHD flew under the radar?until I had kids

I heard the refrains throughout my childhood: If you?d just try a little harder, you?d be first in the class. Why do you keep making careless mistakes...
19-05-2022 21:50

I found my surrogate by going viral on Instagram

If someone told me years ago that Instagram would become one of the most important tools in my baby-making journey, I would have laughed at them. Unti...
19-05-2022 21:50

How I took charge of my mental health

Created for Lumino Health, a platform by Sun Life that helps you find health professionals in your area. You can search based on profession and locat...
19-05-2022 21:50

How to change diapers with super long nails: a Cardi B tutor

Do you ever see someone with beautiful long nails and wish you could have them, too?but cut your fantasy short because you’re a mom and that’s jus...
18-05-2022 21:49

This mom had a roadside birth and drove home with the baby s

Kentucky mom Heather Skaats is making headlines after she delivered her baby on the side of the road last Sunday. While this might sound like a parent...
18-05-2022 21:49

Three surprising things you didn?t know about Girl Guides

Created for Girl Guides, your first thought likely goes to cookies. But Girl Guides go way beyond that. In fact, the organization has roots in gender...
18-05-2022 21:49

Hospital bag checklist: Everything you need for your deliver

Here are all the must-haves (and some nice-to-haves) that should be on your checklist for the hospital or birthing centre. This list is a good startin...
17-05-2022 21:53

America just BANNED crib bumpers and it?s time Canada follow

Picture it: You’re walking up and down the aisles at your local baby-gear store. You’re pregnant, expecting your very first child, and excitedly l...
17-05-2022 21:53

19 celebs share their kids’ favourite TV shows and mov

For many parents, screen time offers a precious break from parenting?and this is true for famous moms and dads, too. Whether it’s educational shows,...
16-05-2022 22:17

Herstory made! Sports Illustrated has featured its first mod

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hasn’t always been a source of empowerment for women, but in recent years it has tried to be more representati...
13-05-2022 21:54

Pregnant Shay Mitchell spills her hacks for pregnancy swelli

Shay Mitchell?s family is growing! The actress, known for her roles in Pretty Little Liars and, more recently, the Netflix fave You and Hulu series Do...
13-05-2022 21:54

When will kids under five finally get vaccinated"

It’s been more than two years since the pandemic began and while every other age group has had the opportunity to be vaccinated, parents of kids in ...
12-05-2022 21:47

Why I did absolutely nothing about my baby’s sleep

When my son was about four months old, I hit a week of obliterating exhaustion. He was waking every 45 minutes, all night, every night. He?d thrash hi...
11-05-2022 21:48

5 ways to get your kid to play alone

Photo: @SueWhite on Instagram Four-year-old James doesn?t like to play alone. ?He enjoys Lego and building toys, but even then he seems to want an adu...
11-05-2022 21:48

Should Canadian parents be worried about hepatitis in kids&q

The headlines are scary. Kids around the world are getting hepatitis and no one knows why. At least 20 countries have reported unusual cases of acute ...
11-05-2022 21:48

Fees are dropping! See how much less child care could cost i

Last year, when the federal government announced its plans for an ambitious Canada-wide child care plan, parents were cautiously optimistic. Could thi...
11-05-2022 21:48

9 fun typing games for kids

Photo: BBC Living in today?s digital world, it?s pretty crucial that kids know how to type. But learning this important skill doesn?t have to be a cho...
10-05-2022 21:57

How to cook fiddleheads safely

If you?ve ever wandered through a farmer?s market in early spring, you?ve likely spotted these tightly coiled ferns set out in a basket amongst the ca...
09-05-2022 21:51

How to give moms with babies the gift of sleep this Mother&#

Many possibilities for gifts come to mind to acknowledge Mother?s Day for new mothers?family and friends think about flowers or brunch. But because in...
06-05-2022 21:50

This politician reacted to the Roe v. Wade news in the most

When a leaked document showed the U.S. Supreme Court?s intentions to overturn Roe v. Wade, putting American women?s right to abortion in jeopardy, the...
06-05-2022 21:50

20 memes that show exactly what moms want this Mother’

Motherhood is filled with irony. You can be completely exhausted, hanging on by a thread and wide awake at 3 a.m. while simultaneously convincing your...
05-05-2022 21:51

Make the most of the season?s best local produce

Created for To help you stretch the sustainability of your freshly-picked produce, we broke down how to make the most of your spring Mama Earth Orga...
04-05-2022 21:47

7 ways you’re accidentally teaching diet culture to yo

Many of us grew up steeped in the belief that a good body is a thin body. This is known as diet culture?the idea that being skinny is more important t...
03-05-2022 21:46

Feeding your baby has never been easier with new Canadian ba

Created for Having a baby is a monumental and exciting time in any prospective parent?s life. It?s magical. It?s life-changing. It?s? full of overpr...
02-05-2022 21:51

How to prep your car for anything

HOMEPAGE REDIRECT The post How to prep your car for anything appeared first on Today's Parent....
02-05-2022 21:51

This cult stretch mark treatment promises results in eight w

Created for Your body does some heroic things during pregnancy, but you may not want to wear your battle scars for years to come.  If you developed ...
02-05-2022 21:51

Family fun on the road

HOMEPAGE REDIRECT The post Family fun on the road appeared first on Today's Parent....
02-05-2022 21:51

What to pack in your car?s emergency kit

HOMEPAGE REDIRECT The post What to pack in your car?s emergency kit appeared first on Today's Parent....
02-05-2022 21:51

I kept imagining I would stab or drown my baby?and I’m

I was an expat in Bangkok when I became pregnant with my first child. Like many first-time moms, I wanted a non-medicated birth: I hired a doula, coac...
29-04-2022 21:46

How the Ronald McDonald House supports moms through their ha

Created for RMHC gives families a place to stay together, close to their sick child in hospital, giving them the comforts of home and a community of ...
29-04-2022 21:46

6 must-visit Canadian road trip destinations

HOMEPAGE REDIRECT The post 6 must-visit Canadian road trip destinations appeared first on Today's Parent....
29-04-2022 21:46

Here’s what hCG levels in pregnancy really mean

It’s one of the first ways we know for sure we’re pregnant: the hCG hormone. But just what do these three letters stand for, and what’s the sign...
28-04-2022 21:47

I’d like to apologize for my cringey new-mom mistakes

When I had my first baby, I made plenty new-mom mistakes. I didn’t notice he had diaper rash. I let him sleep in his swing (a big no-no now, but we ...
27-04-2022 22:18

I tried the Lululemon Mirror and totally get why it was crea

?Keep pushing, Simone!? Gerren?s voice rings out through my back room as our eyes meet in the mirror. I don?t expect it but can?t deny the rush that s...
27-04-2022 22:18

5 fun family activities you can do in the car

HOMEPAGE REDIRECT The post 5 fun family activities you can do in the car appeared first on Today's Parent....
26-04-2022 21:51
25-04-2022 21:52
20-04-2022 21:49
20-04-2022 21:49

Important Changes at Today’s Parent

.importantChange { max-width: 750px; margin: 20px auto 20px auto; color: #575757; } p { font-family: san...
20-04-2022 21:49
20-04-2022 21:49
20-04-2022 21:49
20-04-2022 21:49

The most important minute of your baby’s bedtime routi

It?s been a long day. Your shirt is spotted with spit-up and your hair is in the same messy bun it?s been in since morning. You haven?t had a minute t...
18-04-2022 21:53

8 things to know about visiting New York with kids in 2022

Considering a trip to New York with the kids in 2022" As always, there’s tons for families to do in New York. But a few things have changed over the...
18-04-2022 21:53

What doctors want parents to know about COVID right now

Chances are, you know someone who has COVID right now. In fact, it may feel like everyone you know is testing positive.  We’re now in the sixth wave...
14-04-2022 22:14

Experiencing infertility led to my calling as a death doula

It started around age 13, a physical pain that just wouldn?t go away. It was hard to pinpoint, somewhere deep in my core. Some days it subsided, then ...
14-04-2022 22:14

28 wildly relatable memes about toddlers

Your two-year-old asked for the blue cup… and you gave them the blue cup" You silly, naive fool. They didn’t actually want the blue cup. They want...
13-04-2022 21:52

Britney Spears is pregnant!

Yes, you definitely read that correctly?Britney Spears is having a baby! The singer took to Instagram on Monday, April 11, to share the exciting news,...
12-04-2022 21:50

Years of infertility led me down the path I was meant to tak

The following is excerpted with permission from ...
12-04-2022 21:50

Should your child wear a mask at school"

At this point in the pandemic, most children in Canada and the United States aren’t required to wear masks at school anymore. That might sound like ...
12-04-2022 21:50

15 new products we’re loving this month

Our inboxes are flooded with the latest and greatest in new parenting products every day. Here are some of our most recent faves. Ranging from baby ca...
08-04-2022 21:45

For me, parenting will never be simple as trusting my instin

When my first son was about a month old, I was at a social gathering and a friend offered to hold him while I ate. Since trying to eat while holding a...
06-04-2022 21:49

This 3-minute activity will make your bond with your baby st

When I had my first baby, I felt like a cruise ship activity director. I?d spend entire days desperately trying to keep my baby entertained for a bles...
06-04-2022 21:49

Here’s what it takes for your kid to become a child ac

If your kid has an extensive repertoire of TikTok dances or puts their entire soul into their musical theatre classes, it’s possible you’ve envisi...
05-04-2022 21:48

Meet the muses behind Robert Munsch’s most iconic stor

In October 2021, Robert Munsch spoke publicly for the first time about his dementia diagnosis. Munsch, the 76-year-old author of nearly 100 children?s...
05-04-2022 21:48

I never imagined a simple nose bleed in pregnancy was a sign

“You are very sick, and we need to deliver your baby.?  These were not the words I expected to hear when I went to the hospital at 37 weeks pregnant...
04-04-2022 21:43

How the Fisher-Price Play Lab turns child’s play into

Created for Fisher-Price Play Lab in East Aurora, New York, things are a little different.  Picture instead a bright and cheerful playroom, with an a...
04-04-2022 21:43

I couldn?t decide if I wanted another baby and it consumed m

?What kind of milk do you want"? the young woman?s voice asked through the Starbucks drive-through intercom. I glanced at the list of substitutes on t...
01-04-2022 21:47

How to play dreidel at Hanukkah

Playing dreidel is a traditional game for kids and adults to play at Hanukkah, an annual holiday celebrated by Jewish people in late November or Decem...
31-03-2022 22:05

30 egg-cellent Easter gifts for kids

1. Sweet Springtime Lantern Photo: Lantern Lands $20, 2. Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk Photo: Twee $22, 3. Cottonba...
30-03-2022 21:55

You?ll love this new Aussie Kids hair care line that has a n

Created for Aussie Kids is the ultimate hair care brand parents have been waiting for. With various products for unique hair types, the new collecti...
30-03-2022 21:55

Compliments to the chef: Six home cooks on words to butter t

Created for  Instagram or Compliments portfolio of products, featuring everything from fresh produce and chicken to frozen treats and pantry staples...
29-03-2022 21:49

How to take toddlers to a restaurant without it sucking

Bringing little kids to a restaurant can be a nightmare. They whine and fight at the table, don’t want to sit still, barely touch the food when it f...
29-03-2022 21:49

50 fun family spring activities

Photo Gallery 50 fun, free spring activities ...
28-03-2022 21:48

12 ways to make road trips less painful

1. Write out a to-do list As well as noting everything you need to pack and finish up, jot down all the songs and games (I spy, roadside bingo, 20 que...
28-03-2022 21:48

20 Ramadan books to read to your kids

Ramadan Books Ramadan Books ...
25-03-2022 21:49

Ignore the anecdotes?there?s no proof the COVID vaccine caus

Misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and fertility has propagated online despite the vaccines? clear safety profile. Fortunately, those considering ...
24-03-2022 21:49

This viral TikTok shows a secret way to burp a baby?and we?r

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the best way to burp a baby. There are even people who say burping isn’t necessary at all! If you’ve tried a ...
24-03-2022 21:49

Doctors say some of these trendy birthing choices aren’

A close friend of yours recently had a wonderful experience having a water birth, and then you read online that Kim Kardashian ate her placenta to red...
23-03-2022 21:53

6 pandemic habits I refuse to change back

For better or worse, pandemic restrictions are lifting across the country. Masks are coming off, people can gather and travel, and there?s a tentative...
23-03-2022 21:53

Here’s how to be a good person according to 6-year-old

One of the things parents quickly learn when they have kids is that these little beings are full of emotions?among them, joy, wonder, empathy, curiosi...
22-03-2022 21:47

I wish I hadn?t waited so long to go to therapy

I?m twenty-six years old and I find myself sitting in a small room across from Dr. Sherry, both of us seated in large, comfortable leather chairs. I?v...
21-03-2022 21:45

Why it’s important to keep cannabis and kids safely ap

Created for  call your local poison centre for help?follow the link for phone numbers across Canada. If your child loses consciousness or has diffic...
21-03-2022 21:45

This TikTok mom found the simplest way to keep toddlers ente

Parents of toddlers are always on the hunt for an activity that will keep their kid focussed for more than a few minutes at a time. If the activity is...
21-03-2022 21:45

The 19 words that have saved me from countless fights with m

Photo: iStock/VasjaKoman My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years. We have very different personalities and communication styles. I?m a...
18-03-2022 21:47

Rough day" Call this hotline for some adorable life adv

It’s fairly easy to admit that sometimes, just sometimes, your kids get on your nerves. But despite the occasional exasperation, there’s no denyin...
18-03-2022 21:47

10 things your infertile friends wish you knew

Hopefully, by now, we all know never to ask anyone if or when they’re having kids. (As the joke goes, the only time it’s OK to ask someone if they...
18-03-2022 21:47

I never buy my kids new clothes?here?s how I pull it off

?I love that dress on you!? said my younger daughter, as her friend modelled a preloved frock at a kids? clothing exchange we hosted in a park. ?It br...
18-03-2022 21:47

Is this why your kid is pooping their pants"

Calgary mom Karla Bouvier?s* daughter was still having poop and pee accidents at four years old. ?We kept thinking, ‘She needs to try harder to get ...
18-03-2022 21:47

Should your kid still wear a mask at school"

When kids in Ontario head back to the classroom after their March break, there will be one very obvious change: They will no longer be required to wea...
17-03-2022 21:58

Is eating raw bison hearts actually helping Heidi MontagR

Whether you find yourself meticulously tracking your cycle or experimenting with different sex positions, trying to get pregnant can lead to a lot of ...
16-03-2022 21:44

Should you give gripe water to your fussy baby"

Gas and tummy troubles are common for newborns and parents naturally want to do anything to help their baby feel better. That’s especially true with...
16-03-2022 21:44

Rihanna?s rumoured birth plan is so amazingly extra

If you’ve ever made a birth plan, you know that the best mindset is to plan on your plan changing. However, we’re hoping that Rihanna’s rumoured...
16-03-2022 21:44

Where to get free glasses for your kids in Canada

When Today’s Parent editor Kim Shiffman’s son was three years old, he was prescribed glasses for near-sightedness. This unleashed a cycle of dishi...
15-03-2022 21:46

I regularly fantasize about running off into the woods alone

The following is excerpted with permission from Send Me Into the Woods Alone: Essays on Motherhood by Erin Pepler (Invisible Publishing, 2022). The jo...
14-03-2022 21:49

4 reasons the new iPhone SE is great for tweens

Once you?ve made the decision to get your kid their first phone, you quickly realize just how overwhelming it is to figure out which device to buy. It...
14-03-2022 21:49

This Encanto star recorded her song while she was already in

No matter how many times you hear tales of your BFF’s dramatic labour or how your mom was touching up her lipstick while eight centimetres dilated, ...
14-03-2022 21:49

A daily checklist for families to help fight climate change

Created for Project 2050.  Project 2050 provides easy ways for children and their families to contribute to the fight against climate change and help...
14-03-2022 21:49

A group of clowns are cheering up Ukrainian kids as they arr

The strength of Ukrainian families over the past few weeks of war with Russia has been undeniable, and it’s come with some touching moments of human...
14-03-2022 21:49

These stunning photos helped Sarah Nicole Landry come to ter

Sarah Nicole Landry, who you might know as ...
10-03-2022 21:44

Turning Red’s director Domee Shi talks periods, pubert

Domee Shi attends the U.K. Gala screening of Turning Red at Everyman Borough Yards on February 21, 2022 in London, England. Photo: Mike Marsland/WireI...
10-03-2022 21:44

The health benefits of adding more seafood to your family?s

Created for   Seafood can lead to a healthier body and mind You?ve probably heard seafood has some serious health benefits. Emerging research shows...
10-03-2022 21:44

I’m an adult and a proud crybaby

As a young child, I was quick to tears. My emotions were not tended to by my parents and, at some point, I stopped tending to them as well. To my moth...
09-03-2022 21:51

19 awesome feminist baby names

Want to give your baby girl a name that will inspire her forever" Look no further than these names based on historical and modern feminists: Ruth Who?...
08-03-2022 21:46

Kylie Jenner?s ex-BFF is accusing her of stealing her baby?s

Choosing a baby name is such a special time for parents. You sift through pages and pages of online name guides, you say potential monikers out loud w...
08-03-2022 21:46

Dr. Cindy Blackstock’s female-run non-profit is changi

International Women?s Day is here, and this year’s theme is #BreakTheBias, where we are striving for a world without bias, discrimination and stereo...
07-03-2022 22:23

What new parents should know about chemicals and toxins

Recently my husband and I bribed our three-year-old to stay in her bed all night by letting her wear her Queen Elsa dress to sleep. She began wearing ...
04-03-2022 21:49

Why Black kids need Black teachers

The annual Black History month school assemblies is fading away with February. The 2022 theme picked by the Canadian government for Black History Mont...
03-03-2022 21:43

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News most viewed Today

Feeding your baby has never been easier with new Canadian baby company Quark

Feeding your baby has never been easier with ...

Created for Having a baby is a monumental and exciting time in any prospective parent?s life. It?s magical. It?s life-changing. It?s? full of overpriced and complicated product recommendations" Anyone who has ever tried to compile a newborn... -
Teeny tiny potty seats for small bathrooms

Teeny tiny potty seats for small bathrooms

by Kelly Wilbanks posted in Products Our bathroom is lovely, but small. It feels crowded with more than two people and usually I have three little ducklings on my tail. It feels like all five of us are crowded in there at one point or another... -
Private Schools See Admission Enquiries Rise by 30%

Private Schools See Admission Enquiries Rise ...

Demand for places at independent school have risen by 30% due to worries about learning during lockdown According to the Independent Schools’ Association, private schools have seen a dramatic increase in enquiries from middle-class parents of... -
High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

High blood pressure, also called ?hypertension?, can pose problems during pregnancy whether you had it before pregnancy or it?s new in pregnancy High blood pressure you have before pregnancy is called chronic hypertension. High blood pressure that... -
5 stress-free strategies for dealing with bedwetting

5 stress-free strategies for dealing with bed...

.c-logo img { display: inline-block } .single-article .wp-caption-text { text-align: center; } Created for parenting blogger and Pampers expert. ?Fortunately, most of the time it will spontaneously resolve.? That said, Dr Liu... -
This genius new IKEA product will instantly organize any room in your home

This genius new IKEA product will instantly o...

Ikea has just launched the brand new Skadis series?a customizable pegboard that can do everything from organizing your bathroom to corralling craft supplies. How it works: 1. Hang the pegboard (which costs a mere $20) anywhere that needs... -
Printable school supplies checklist

Printable school supplies checklist

Download or print this school supplies list to make sure your kids have everything they need for back to school. Read more: 27 new and novel school supplies> 15 cute kids’ shoes for back-to-school> 27 fun kids’ water bottles and lunch... -
Your top 10 most googled parenting questions

Your top 10 most googled parenting questions

Illustration: Stephanie Baxter 1. How do I potty train" 2. How do I breastfeed" 3. How do I change a diaper" 4. When is it time to stop breastfeeding" 5. Why do babies cry" 6.What, and how much, should I feed my baby" 7. How do I stop... -
Pregnancy: 6 self perceptions, versus the reality

Pregnancy: 6 self perceptions, versus the rea...

by Melissa Willets posted in Pregnancy You know how when you see another pregnant woman, you think things like, "She looks so cute!" and "She\'s got the glow!" But when you are pregnant, you just feel all gross and gigantic" I\'m so in... -
Sip and see gift guide: We've got you covered

Sip and see gift guide: We've got you co...

by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Pregnancy By Bethanie Garcia Sip and Sees are in! Unfamiliar with a "Sip and See"" It\'s a small gathering/party hosted after the baby is born to give friends and family a chance to meet the baby, sip a... -

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