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Amy Schumer

Mons News
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Amy Schumer Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

Name: Amy Schumer

Best known for: Stand-up comic, actor, mom to baby Gene and chronic over-sharer?in a good way

Social media: @amyschumer on Instagram and @amyschumer on Twitter
Image-conscious celebs don?t usually share the painful or unflattering parts of parenthood, but stand-up comic and actor Amy Schumer goes there. In January, she posted a photo of her bruised tummy on Instagram and revealed she was undergoing IVF. In April, she confessed she had baby-name regret and legally renamed her then-11-month-old Gene David from Gene Attell (say it three times fast and you?ll get it). In July, she released Expecting Amy, a candid HBO miniseries documenting her horrific pregnancy, through which she continued working despite experiencing an extreme form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum.

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Amy Schumer Amy Schumer


Fuente de la noticia: todays parent
Fecha de publicación: 01-12-2020 21:47
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