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Is “Creativity” a Dirty Word"

Mons News
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Is “Creativity” a Dirty Word" Is “Creativity” a Dirty Word"

Is “Creativity” a Dirty Word"

Heidi Hughes addresses the old-age myth that a creative brain is worth less than a logical one
I am lucky enough to be Head of a school in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: the World Heritage City of Bath. Home to the engineering miracle of the Roman Baths and famed for its iconic Georgian architecture, Bath has played host to many creative minds.
Many legendary minds have had their thinking shaped in this city, including Jane Austen who made it her sometime home, and was inspired by the Georgian shenanigans of its social scene to write some of her greatest novels.
Fizzing with ideas
It?s little wonder then that those who seek to make Bath their home often work in the creative industries themselves. And yet when it comes to educating their children, parents often have mixed feelings about creativity and the part it should play. I think we can all agree that young children, as Tham Khai Meng, worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather, puts it so succinctly ?fizz with ideas?. But many have expressed concern that children in our education system have this fizz extinguished once they start school.
The great educationalist Sir Ken Robinson claimed that creativity was as important as literacy. In fact, as Sir Ken and many others including Lord Robert Winston, have pointed out, the greatest inventors and scientists were almost always musicians, artists, writers or poets, too. Many people might not know, for instance, that Galileo was also a poet and lite...
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Is “Creativity” a Dirty Word" Is “Creativity” a Dirty Word"


Fuente de la noticia: independentschoolparent
Fecha de publicación: 11-05-2018 21:43
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