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Meet the Head: Emma Webb of Queen’s College Prep School, London

Mons News
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Meet the Head: Emma Webb of Queen’s College Prep School, London Meet the Head: Emma Webb of Queen’s College Prep School, London

Meet the Head: Emma Webb of Queen’s College Prep School, London

Meet Emma Webb, Headmistress of Queen’s College Prep School, London
How long have you been at the school"
I have been at Queen?s College Prep since 2016, and have loved every minute of being part of this very special community at such an exciting time in its history.
Can you tell us a little bit about the history of the school"
Queen?s College, London occupies a truly extraordinary position in the history of women?s education and we are so excited to be celebrating the School?s 175th year in 2023. The school was founded in 1848 by Frederick Denison Maurice, professor of English Literature and History at King’s College London and a Christian Socialist thinker. His ambition was to provide a means by which girls and young women could gain a serious academic education, and Queen’s was the first institution in Great Britain where they could study for and gain academic qualifications. In 1853 Queen’s College, London received a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria which established much of the organisation of the College. Following this early royal patronage, the Patron of the College has always been a queen, and our current Patron is Her Majesty The Queen. In keeping with its radical and pioneering past, Queen’s has maintained a liberal and self-confident tradition throughout its history. It has educated young women who have gone on to become leaders in the professions and who have blazed trails in just about every walk of life and it is an ex...
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Meet the Head: Emma Webb of Queen’s College Prep School, London Meet the Head: Emma Webb of Queen’s College Prep School, London


Fuente de la noticia: independentschoolparent
Fecha de publicación: 03-09-2019 21:46
visto: 4

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